Family History and TV Lifts

Have you been fortunate enough to inherit some of the furniture in your home? If so, lucky you! You probably have some beautiful, hand-crafted heirloom pieces, handed down throughout your family, with wonderful stories and memories attached to each! What about your spouse? Did they also inherit meaningful pieces from well-intended relatives? Again – lucky you! Or, maybe not…

Of course you love the connection and sentiment each piece brings to you, your family, and your home, but “too many hand-me-downs” can make your decor appear like something Sybil (the movie character with the multiple personalities?) might have created! Yikes! What to do?

While it may be difficult to integrate Great Aunt Edna’s beautiful mahogany curio cabinet with Great Uncle Frank’s pine wagon-wheel coffee table – all within the confines of your family room, help is here…in the form of TV lift technology!

State-of-the-art TV lifts bring your family room into the 21st century – regardless of the era of all of the rest of your furniture!

This technology allows you to remotely “raise” your TV from a cabinet or console when its time for TV watching. When TV time is over it quietly lowers the TV (and all its accouterments – cable box, DVD player, wires, etc.) back into its “hiding place” within the cabinet/console.

Both cabinets and consoles are available in hand-crafted designs, made from fine wood, including cherry, oak, pine, and yes – even mahogany (to coordinate with the Aunt Edna’s curio!). This beautiful new cabinet/console will complement your inherited heirloom pieces – not compete with them! Because each cabinet is custom-made for your TV, space, and decor, specific design elements that you may already have on other pieces of furniture can be incorporated into your cabinet/console as well!

Investment protection is another benefit of TV lift technology. Because the TV itself is bolted to the TV lift, it cannot be easily jostled. Furthermore, since the TV “disappears” into the cabinet when not in use, there is little chance for the screen to be scratched or smudged.

With this technology and the customization it offers, you no longer have to “think twice” before accepting (furniture) pieces of family history!