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Currently on the market Yogurt Products mostly solidified, stirred and added all kinds of fruit juice and jam and other accessories for multi-type. Yogurt is not only retained Milk All the advantages, even if the population is lactose intolerant, eating yogurt will not happen bloating, gas and more or diarrhea. Rich in calcium content in milk by fermentation, calcium minerals do not change, but the lactic acid produced by fermentation, can effectively increase the calcium and phosphorus utilization in the human body, so yogurt is more easily in the body of calcium and phosphorus absorption, as more suitable for human nutrition Health Products .

Home made yogurt is actually very simple once you can make your own. Benefit is made at home, from the material ( Dairy ), Water, utensils and made the process of health conditions, are able to follow your own requirements, the best food effect. LONDON Xiaobian collected some simple homemade yogurt method, interested friends can try it yourself Oh!

Homemade yogurt Drinks Ingredients: 125ml milk 500ml plain yogurt

Tools: Rice cooker, cups with lids, spoon, microwave oven (you can also use other methods of heating milk, but microwave not only fast, but good control of heating temperature)

Practice: 1. The cups (with lid), spoon on the rice cooker adding sterilized water to boil for 10 minutes.

2. Out into the cup of milk (7 points over milk if a new Kaifeng, its sterile, can not boil), the milk in a microwave oven, hot hand will not touch Beibi prevail.

3. Add yogurt in the warm milk, stir with a spoon, cover with lid.

4. Power to electric cookers, pot of hot water drained, the cups into the rice cooker, rice cooker lid cover, top with a clean towel or other insulating materials cover the use of waste heat the pot to ferment.

5.8 ~ 10 hours later, low-sugar yogurt on the well. If done at night, the next morning the yogurt drink of delicious.

Note: 1. Strain used in yogurt can not be expected with the added fruit, more fruit yogurt is not available.

2. Such as high temperature heating of milk will kill the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt fermentation caused by failure, such as fermentation temperature is too low will result in slow, to not be hot for the degree of feeling.

3. The keep warm rice cooker is not available to carry out fermentation, as the holding temperature is too high, fermentation, rice cookers to power.

4. Fermentation container with Lid porcelain best, hard Plastic cups Son also, but if the cup quality, but related, then easily deformed when heat sterilization. Cover is important, lactic acid bacteria are anaerobic bacteria, anaerobic environment more conducive to fermentation.

5. Container sterilization not the best disinfectant, as if washing does not clean and kill lactic acid bacteria, the fermentation failure. Heat sterilization is the most secure method.

6. Have anti-milk (containing antibiotics) or reconstituted milk (with Milk powder Reduced to milk) are not suitable for production of yogurt raw materials.

7. Was semi-solidified the success of yogurt-like, surface clean and smooth, no whey (yellowish transparent liquid) precipitation, heard of a milk flavor, such as not afraid of fat and a sweet tooth, before the increase in eating Granulated sugar . Not in the sugar before fermentation.

8. Homemade yogurt shelf life of 2 to 3 days.