Family Vehicles and MPV’s – The Rundown

As the children will soon be back to school parents will be getting ready to embark on the school run again.

This year there seems to be a particular abundance of family MPV’s that are practical, comfortable and stylish….so how do you decide which one to buy?

Here is a list of the top five family MPVs around:

1. Vauxhall Zafira – The Vauxhall Zafira has always been marketed as a family vehicle, this is backed-up by the fact that it has class-leading safety. Inside, the Zafira is extremely roomy which enables it to cope with the needs of an active family. According to reviews the Zafira is also one of the better MPVs to drive too, in fact some even go as far as saying it is fun to drive! In terms of its appearance the Zafira doesn’t look too exciting and is pretty much similar to other MPVs on the market.

2. Citroen C4 Picasso: The Citroen C4 Picasso is definitely one of the more attractive family cars – and stands out from the rest. Its panoramic windscreen is one feature that stands out in particular. This MPV is airy inside with ample space considering it is a 7-seater. It is also comfortable which makes it ideal for longer journeys. The C4 Picasso comes with both 5 and 7 seats meaning that you can choose one that best suits your lifestyle!

3. Renault Scenic: With smart looks the Renault Scenic is quite a sophisticated-looking MPV. The cabin is spacious and the boot is a decent size too. However, the Scenic isn’t the most exciting car to drive – not that you would expect to really enjoy driving a vehicle designed with families in mind, but it helps! Another plus point about this particular MPV is the level of quality inside the cabin…you may be surprised!

4. Ford S-Max: The Ford S-Max is kind of like the Ford Galaxy, yet it is far more sportier. It boasts a 2.5 turbo engine which makes it fun to drive and doesn’t make trading in your ‘fun’ car for a ‘practical’ car quite so bad. The S-Max is fairly cheap to buy and run which is good news for your wallet! But, like the Zafira, the styling on this car isn’t anything too special and wont really make you stand out from the crowd. So basically, the S-Max is a sportier Galaxy!

5. Toyota Verso: The Toyota Verso is like the Ford S-Max, but far more compact. The styling is more dynamic which makes it more pleasing to the eye. It is definitely one of the ‘less-boxy’ MPVs out there. The interior has been equipped with nice fabrics and attractive blue lighting. The seating plan is also flexible which means that the Verso is well-suited to deal with the needs of an active family. This particular MPV is reasonably priced, but I saw a used Toyota Verso in Swindon that was very, very affordable…making the Verso my choice!