Famous Restaurant Secret Recipe Techniques

Techniques are the most difficult to guess and sometimes the most important when trying to clone a Famous Restaurant Secret Recipe. For example, if you want to make your favorite famous restaurant chicken recipe, you may not be able to just saute a whole boneless chicken breast. Chicken breast is all white meat which can dry out quickly, especially the thinner end. Sometimes the trick is to make the breast thinner, a more even thickness. There are two ways I do this:

Cut the breast in half horizontally:

When the chicken breast is almost completely thawed or completely thawed, press it flat on a cutting board with the palm of your hand, chicken breast smooth side up. Place the breast lengthwise under your hand with the thickest side under your thumb area, your fingers together and pointing away from you.
Using the whole blade of your knife, start at the thumb side and carefully slice the breast in half horizontally, keeping the knife flat, “feeling” the knife stay level and even. Do this slowly so that you can adjust your angle if necessary. Usually a wide, long knife works better. If your knife has a nice handle, you can place the handle flat on the cutting board and use for a “cutting guide.”
You will have 2 pieces of breast meat. The bottom will be slightly larger because it will have most of the thinner end in tact.
There you have it, thinner chicken breasts that will cook faster and therefore be more moist.

Pound out the chicken breast:
Place the fully thawed chicken breast in a large plastic baggie. Make sure the chicken is laying flat on one side of the bag, smooth side up and centered in the bag. Leave the bag open.
Place bag with meat on cutting  board or other stable surface.
Using a meat mallet, carefully pound the breast to flatten and thin to desired thickness.
Be careful to pound the thinner parts of the meat less, and the thicker parts more, for even thickness.
If you don’t have a meat mallet, you can use the broad side of a cleaver, a rolling pin, or a wine bottle. Be careful when using a round object as uneven thickness can result.

Hint: Remember that thinner chicken breasts will take less time to cook through.

Use this prep technique for chicken breasts when cooking your favorite restaurant secret recipes and you will be very pleased with the result.  Yours may even be better than the original!