Farming Has Been Awarded Multi

British “The Independent” 19, citing the United Nations World Food Programme’s report warned, “With the deepening global financial crisis, the world is at a critical juncture, there will be hunger in danger of losing control.” The report said the G8 meeting in Italy agriculture ministers in their efforts to “develop a common route out of this crisis to respond to world food problem.”

Food crisis due to “production unreasonable”

According to “The Independent” reported on the 18th, the Group of Eight summit, said in a report this grain, the world grain market to a “structural” problem, unless food production in 20 years will double, otherwise there will be a war and famine risk, now need to “intervene immediately.”

Reported that the food crisis has caused more than 30 countries and regions the disturbances, including Mexico, Senegal, Bangladesh and other developing countries. Recent report issued by FAO showed the world there are 963 million people suffer from hunger and malnutrition, about 15% of the world’s population; while more than 20 billion “hidden hungry,” can only eat very little food every day not enough vitamins and minerals, about 140 million children lack vitamin A, vitamin D.

According to German “international financial reporting” on the 19th report, the Group of Eight ministers of agriculture report that the current global food production to feed the world population far beyond the level required, but there are many potential yet to be developed. Led to nearly 10 million people are starving the real reason is that agricultural production is unreasonable. Currently more than half of world cereal production in Western industrialized countries has been used for feed, agriculture fuels and other industrial uses. Charles and Rural Development Institute Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher on the “Global Times” reporter that food security by the financial crisis become more complex, due to the recent food price way down, the enthusiasm of the producers produced contusion, for the next round the seriousness of the food crisis planted a hidden danger. In addition, the financial crisis of food price volatility, so that a more uneven distribution of food, but also to governments in responding to the policy dilemma.

Farming has been criticized abroad

19, according to Agence France-Presse reported, the meeting chairman, said the Italian minister of agriculture Dzaja: “must exist in agriculture to adopt more stringent speculation measures to control prices of agricultural products in rich countries can not be tolerated. Therefore, the meeting primary goal is to promote grain production capacity enhancement in developing countries. “

However, according to British newspaper “Independent” 18 reported that as the food crisis worsens, a number of countries to compete for the right to use rivers and lakes, while the friction and conflict are increasing, some countries have begun to shift to developing countries to buy or lease land for food production. Saudi Arabia and smaller Gulf states had with Egypt, Ukraine, Pakistan, Philippines and Thailand negotiating to buy or lease land, South Korea’s Daewoo Group, plans to rent the African countries, Madagascar has large tracts of land, lease up to 99 years.

International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAP) told Reuters news agency said Deputy High Fen, cash-rich countries, more and more overseas to buy or lease land for their own citizens to provide adequate food, this will lead to “second on behalf of the colonial “. She said: “People are worried that this is the looting of resources to poor countries poorer.” Charles and that food problems are properly resolved, will the financial crisis triggered by the deep impact of shocks to the entire international community. The unfair distribution of food, most likely to trigger instability.

Beneficial to the global food self-sufficiency in China

However, discussions on the food crisis, some Western media turned its spearhead against the Chinese. Germany’s “Frankfurter Rundschau” on the 19th that due to rapid industrialization, environmental pollution and other factors, China’s farmland is gradually shrinking. To meet the growing population’s demand for food growing, China is not only a large number of other countries to buy food, also Africa, leasing land, planting crops. Reported that the Chinese massive foreign buying of food and leasing of land, will exacerbate the food crisis.

The Chinese People’s University of Agriculture and Rural Development Institute Professor Zheng Fengtian 19, told reporters that while China is the world’s largest importer of grain, but grain prices in China have no say on, accuse China for food crisis is not justified. Grain prices sharply, aggravating the food crisis, more to the international capital speculation, but also some Western countries to start with a large number of corn ethanol project-related.

Feng-Tian Zheng said that as a populous country, China has been striving to maintain food self-sufficiency rate of 95%, to alleviate pressure on the global food made great contributions, but food security is based on the cost of low-income farmers received. Therefore, in the long run, to encourage overseas Chinese to lease land to grow grain to ease a way of China’s grain problem. However, the pace of China’s overseas development is also more conservative. Chinese farmers have strong viability, the ATM level is very high, both overseas grain to make up for the shortage of domestic food production, but also to promote local agricultural development and agricultural technology to raise the level of mitigation on the global food crisis is of positive significance .