Fast And Furious Go-Kart Driving Encounter Days

If you have always dreamt of racing down Silverstone in a Formula 1 style racing automobile, but you have not heard from any Formula 1 teams but, then you might contemplate trying go-kart racing instead!

Although some may consider go-karting a child’s sport, nothing at all could be farther from the truth! Really most skilled race drivers start off their careers karting. The cause for this is that a go kart is in fact very comparable to its bigger models, the single seat racing cars.

As opposed to a standard sports vehicle, go karts look, deal with and race virtually in the same way as a real racing car. The driver sits in the open, just like in the Formula 1, and very close to the ground. The handling is quite reactive to small adjustments, once again similar to a real racing auto.

Go-karts are truly not toys at all. The larger race models can reach speeds of 160 mph and as opposed to a sports auto, right here you are sitting completely exposed to surroundings and only inches above the ground.

Actually it requires a lot of security instruction and expertise to drive a actual go-kart. But with widespread sense and the appropriate instruction it is a fantastic way to knowledge track racing with no getting to invest a lot of cash. Nowadays, it is possible to experience recreational go-kart racing on tracks throughout the UK.

These days, it is not typically you get to go all out and be competitive, so why not take some time to do just that with a day of international go-kart competitions. It quick and furious and great entertaining. The circuit you will drive on is where many famous F1 driver first produced their mark, such as Jenson Button and champion driver Lewis Hamilton.

You will drive the Pro 390 CC kart which can go up to speeds of 70 mph, which feels really rapidly in a go-kart! The competition is split in two groups: light and heavyweights, to guarantee a fair playing field, as the driver’s weight tends to make a lot of difference to speed!

You start off off with a security and video briefing on how to handle your go-kart and then go for some qualifying laps. The international circuit is 1,200 meters lengthy and once you have familiarised oneself with the karts and the circuit, then it is on to the primary tournament of 3 laps. The fastest drivers more than the line gets to take part in the championship final! Following the final there will be a trophy presentation for the winner and runners up.

So do you think you have what it requires to walk away with the trophy? Who will go all the way and take on Lewis Hamilton’s lap record? Go-karting is not only for competition it is also a wonderful way to commit time with friends or as a firm outing or stag celebration.

It is a recreational way to actually get the adrenaline rushing! A driving knowledge that is a little out of the ordinary, but something that you can bring everyone to participate in as long as they can manage the go-kart and the speed!