Faster Promotion With Like Button

Facebook, without a doubt is the biggest social network existing on the web. Millions of users are using Facebook and therefore it created a wide scope for both small and big companies to market their sites, products or services. The businesses can easily connect to their users through Facebook.

Now how do you make your business stand out and advertise your products ? We all know about the Facebook social plugins such as the share button, like button, fanbox, comment widgets etc. which helps you to get connected with others with only a click. These plugins allows you to see what your friends and others have liked, commented on, shared and much more. Among all the facebook ‘Like’ button is vital for advertising your business.

So what can you do with a like button ? To say it simply ‘like’ button lets you share content with your friends on Facebook. When an user clicks ‘like’ button on your website, a story telling that the user liked your website will appear on the newsfeeds of the user’s friends’ home page. It will also have a link on the ‘likes and interests’ section of the user’s profile that would directly take anyone clicking it to your site. That is, a connection would just be created between your site and the Facebook user when he/she clicks ‘like’ on your website. Now this viral advertisement approach is just in your reach by Cerontek Joomla Facebook Extensions.

This viral advertisement method works like a chain reaction. E.g. Mary liked your page ‘flowers for you’. Now Mary has 100 friends. Among the 100 friends even if 10 of them clicks the ‘like’ button of your page, within seconds your website link would be visible in the newsfeeds of those 10 users’ friends’ home page. In this way your website is marketed to a larger scale which allows you to draw more users and promote your product widely. Thus the cycle goes on and with each click on your ‘Like’ button you have more and more popularity.

Businesses that have collection of items can make most out of ‘like’ button. As an example, when is visited by Kate, she liked a dress and clicked ‘like’ under the dress. This will be instantly posted on her recent activity and on her friends’ newsfeeds on Facebook. Sooner it is posted to Facebook the faster it will spread all through the web with every click.

Other well-reputed websites like, etc. also have a like button so that their contents can be easily reached by Facebook users and thus helping it to spread all around the world rapidly.

These Facebook widgets are widely used by thousands of sites. Cerontek has developed Joomla Facebook Extensions so that you can be the next one to use them. There are 14 different Facebook widget modules available including the share button, invite widget, login module, fanbox and of course the most popular like button. These widgets can be used by any Joomla 1.5 websites and they need no advance expertise and are easy to install.

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