Fat That Won’t Go Away – What Can Be Done?

“No matter how hard I try, I can’t get rid of the fat on my thighs!” That was what I said about ten months ago. Since then, I’ve tried many numerous diet programs and found that a few of them had limited success on my specific problem areas: thighs and stomach. I was desperate and needed to find a better approach.

I shifted my thinking to programs with less hype and more substantive and factual weight loss information. I began educating myself and changing my lifestyle to match the information that I was finding and slowly, by trial and error, I was beginning to see a difference in weight loss.

What I learned was it’s not about weight loss, it’s about fat loss. I didn’t care really, how much weight I had, I wanted to lose the fat. I didn’t like the way it felt on my body, I didn’t like the way it looked or how it made me feel.

It’s the fat that’s evil and needed to get rid of it – not the weight! So, about six months ago, I walked into my bathroom, took my weighing scale off the floor and packed in the garage. From that moment on, the scales no longer justified how I would feel in the morning. The scale no longer motivated me or determined the success of my program to eliminate fat.

This simple act was a liberating and empowering move. Suddenly the pressure was off and the focus was on something entirely new – increasing my energy, feeling good, and increasing my stamina.

Once I focused on those three goals, everything else followed. So, was that done? Simply by lasering in on what I ate and activities were working.

* Grocery store etiquette:

I stopped shopping in the middle of the store. That’s right, as soon as I walked into my local grocery store I hung a quick right and made a dash for the vegetables, fruits, and moved on the meat section. I stayed clear of the inner evil sanctuary of death where all the processed foods lay. Interestingly, I haven’t needed or missed anything in the center of the store – most of it was crackers, cookies, sodas, beer, and frozen foods.

* Go to the dollar store:

Buy a metal steamer. Yes, I went and splurged on a.99 cent rack that I would use to place on the inside of my pot. Fill the pot with about.5 inches of water and steamed anything and everything I ate. I skipped out on butter, sprays or cooking oils to cook my foods altogether. If I needed to fry anything, than I figured it wasn’t worth it. Believe me you can do a lot with a steamer including making some great eggplant.

* New plates:

I got rid of all my big plates – and went to a discount store and invested in a smaller stack of dishes that cost about $ 9.99 for a complete set. I donated my large, heavy plates and bowls and began reducing my portions immediately. By simply eating only what could be served, tons of calories every meal were eliminated. Everything put on my plate counted, so tasty food was chosen. I began loving food again.

* After Dinner:

I walked every day after dinner. This was a huge help and makes me feel great, more comfortable when going to bed.

* Back to school:

I run the stairs at my local high school football field every morning. By the time, I’m done, students are barely arriving and hardly notice that I am there. It’s great work out and compliments my time at the gym.

This is my story and it works for me. Perhaps you can try it too. It’s not a lot of change, and I didn’t have to starve myself to see the results.

I feel great, more energy, and clothes that fit me are now baggy. As far as how many pounds I’ve lost, I really couldn’t say, and that doesn’t bother me one bit. A more toned and shapely body is my goal. Losing the weight is a bonus! I recommend you doing the same. You will be glad you did.