Fear of Dementia and What You Can Do About It

The fear of dementia in old age has been highlighted in surveys done in the United Kingdom. Persons surveyed placed the fear of dementia in old age above other conditions such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and strokes.

Dementia starts as a memory disorder and progresses till patients are unable to help themselves do basic tasks such as dress and eat. It can progress till patients are unable to speak or do anything for themselves. As many as one in three persons in the United Kingdom will develop dementia and become disabled in this way.

Very few people realize that they can take preventative measures to prevent or delay the onset of dementia and save themselves from such a unpleasant disability. These measures are mostly of a life style nature and include:

Consuming fewer saturated fats
Regular exercise
Quitting smoking
Regular interaction with other persons
Having you Blood Pressure checked regularly
Having your cholesterol levels checked regularly
Mental stimulation
Dietary supplements such as concentrated fish oil

All of these precautions can be seen as brain related. Ensure that you do not consume substances that will damage or affect the brains activities. Do not participate in activities that damage the brain. Regularly check the health parameters that affect the functioning of the brain.

The positives are keeping the brain active and stimulated through mental stimulation and positive interaction with other people.

A proactive diet and dietary supplements also promote brain health. The diet should include food types that contain Omega3 fatty acids, brain food.

The brain is composed very largely of fats. To maintain brain health the diet must contain the right percentage of the omega3 fatty acid DHA (docosahexaenioc acid) to replace and maintain the brain structure and functions.

One of the best sources for this is cold water oily fish such herring, salmon, sardines and mackerel. Other sources are flax seed and nuts such as walnuts. Another source is dietary supplements such as concentrated fish oil which is available in capsule form.

These dietary supplementary capsules contain concentrated and purified fish oils to ensure maximum intake of the required fatty acids. Contaminants are removed during the micro distillation process used to manufacture the capsules.

As with any supplement it is advised that you should consult or at least inform your physician or general practitioner when using such a dietary supplement.

Brain Health is Good Health.