Features Of The Farouk Chi Curling Iron: Report

Farouk Chi is a reputed brand in the world of hair care industry and is known for its stunning features and excellent quality. Farouk Chi curling irons deliver amazing results on your hair and are patronized by many individuals belonging to different worlds.

The device features thin barrel and utilizes high heat to create perfect spiral curls, which last all day long. The tong is extensively used to lock the hair and the rest of the hair strand is then wrapped around it to get firm, bouncy curls. Moreover, these are lightweight and portable, and can be effortlessly carried while, travelling. The diameter is very important for creating firm, spiral curls. The diameter of this iron is not more than an inch, which allows the hair to spread out on the barrel, for formation of bouncy curls. Moreover, the curling iron is available in different heat settings, for convenient use and can be powered by electricity.

An exclusive feature of the Farouk Chi curling iron is that they proffer special curling irons models for beginners, advanced users and for professionals. The irons for the beginners are easy to use and maintain, moreover, the user’s guide also provides step by step instructions to attain optimum hair styling results. Professional models do not exhibit this feature; however, the advance level models feature more flexibility and high heat settings for hair styling.

Farouk Chi curling irons must not be handled by children and teenagers should be supervised while, handling them. The barrel heats up and is likely to cause serious burns on the skin, therefore, instruction manual must be carefully read, before using the gadget. Careless and improper use of such items may cause serious damage to the hair.

The flat iron also feature advanced technologies including infrared, negative ion and Nano silver technology, which nourishes the hair shaft. The negative ions seals natural moisture, prevent it from frizz and doesn’t rips the natural oil from the scalp. Infrared technology and Nano silver technology improves the texture of hair, by penetrating deep in the scalp and maintains natural shine. BOLA TANGKAS