Feeding Fido

Indy is the name of my hundred pound rottweiler and labrador mix. He’s a beautiful dog and the nicest pup I’ve ever owned. Although he looks like a beast and is built for deterring would be burglars and mailmen from the property line, he’s really a gentle giant. In fact, this dog is so well mannered he lets my two year old ride him like a horse and use his floppy undocked ears as reigns.

The downside to Indy is that he eats. Being a behemoth of an animal the dog is always hungry. He gets his fair share of Dog treats , but its never enough. He scavenges for food at every opportunity and isn’t afraid to take bold steps in acquiring his next meal. One day he even went so far as to stand on his hind legs with both paws on the kitchen counter and devour a plate of marinating steaks before either my wife our I could save them. He knew all along he was bound for trouble, but to a beast with a belly like his the punishment was well worth the reward.

After explaining to our guests why the dinner plans had suddenly turned from choice prime angus to take out pizza I decided it was time to resolve the matter of the eternally hungry dog once and for all. After a lot of mind numbing research and a handful of visits around town to various pet stores and feed shops I finally stumbled on the source of our problem.

Corn. That’s right, corn was the number one ingredient in the Dog food we had been feeding poor Indy. Corn is actually a common ingredient in dog food, it is a great filler which manufacturers us to take up valuable space and essentially bulk up those bite size bits we all feed our pets. Only corn has virtually zero nutritional value to dogs and the amount of corn used by the dog food companies ends up replacing ingredients with much needed vitamins and proteins.

Basically, my dog wasn’t getting the nutrition he needed, I wasn’t getting the deal I thought I was, and because the corn was worthless to my pup’s digestive system he pretty much discharged it in excessive quantities all over the yard. I would call the whole thing bullshit but that would be inaccurate. This corn debacle was more along the lines of dog shit.

The biggest shocker was all the leading dog food companies used the same low cost manufacturing process, making their product with – you guessed it – truckloads of corn. Read the back of your 50 pound bag of dog food, chances are regardless of the brand used it will read corn first. It doesn’t matter if it’s the discount brand or the top of the line one. They’re almost all the same.

However, for dog owners everywhere there is salvation. I finally found a dry dog food that was made with 100 percent natural ingredients for my pup. Best of all, the brand I chose uses beef and chicken as their primary ingredients, which delivers much needed proteins and vitamins to fuel old Indy.

Although it cost a bit more than the old stuff, switching dog foods ended up saving me a lot of time and money. For one, Indy started eating less and he wasn’t always rummaging through the trash and under the kitchen table for a quick snack. Although I’m sure he’d still snatch a steak if given the opportunity, his focus isn’t entirely on securing food anymore. Additionally his coat has drastically improved. He’s shiny and sheds a lot less on the new dog food than before. In fact, he looked so much better that we started taking better care of him, including feeding him Greenies to shore up that bad doggy breath. And best of all, the new food has really reduced the amount of time I spend in the back yard on Saturday morning with a plastic bag and shovel. All in all, Indy is a happy dog on his new diet.

It’s important to remember taking care of your dog means more than simple walks in the park and remembering to refill the water bowl. A dog is a part of the family, and a healthy dog is a happy animal that is sure to shower you with love and affection. After all he’s man’s best friend, you might as well treat him that way.

About the author:

This article is written by Jayson Bailey.