Female Rhinoplasty – Give Your Face A Balanced Look

There are many celebrities that had been into limelight due to the nose jobs they got done which altered their faces dramatically, giving them a new look. Female Rhinoplasty is a very common surgery that takes around an hour or two to get done. This surgery has the capacity to shape a nose into perfect shape that enhances the balance of a person’s face. If a person has gone through a nose injury in an accident, has a crooked nose or if the nose has been asymmetrical from birth, it can be now made perfect with this surgery.

The ideal age to get female rhinoplasty surgery done is when the girls are in their mid-teens since the nasal bone can be altered easily. As a woman matures, her nose bone matures and the shape stabilizes. The biggest benefit of female rhinoplasty surgery is that it improves the aesthetics of the entire face. Humans like to look at symmetrical faces.

An off-centered nose can cause a woman to look ugly, deformed or very plain looking. With female rhinoplasty surgery, women can get alterations done to the bridge of the nose, its tip or nostrils. Sometimes, female Rhinoplasty is also used to alter the entire face look. The size of the nose can also be manipulated to increase or decrease with this surgery. For those who have breathing problems, female rhinoplasty surgery opens the passages and allows a person to breathe easy.

It is important that all aspects of the female rhinoplasty surgery are discussed between the patient and the surgeon. The patient should inform the doctor about her expectations and find out if they are realistic and practical. When the doctor knows the expectations and has examined your medical history, he makes a 3D visual of the patient’s face and starts a simulation of how the face would look after female rhinoplasty.

A patient is advised to avoid aspirin and other products that cause blood thinning, increase the intake of vitamin supplements, especially Vitamin C and E as well as iron supplements. The night before the female rhinoplasty surgery, the patient should stop eating until after the surgery.

The procedure of female rhinoplasty begins by anesthetizing the patient, making an incision on either side of the columella, exposing the cartilage and nose bone. This is then sculpted to the needed shape and skin is re-stitched. This completes the surgery and the patient is then moved to the resting area. Female rhinoplasty surgery normally lasts for one or two hours.

Although female Rhinoplasty is a common surgical procedure and mostly problem free, there are some risks involved like with all surgeries. Extreme danger like permanent nerve damage can be seen in very few cases if pre and post operative procedures have not been thoroughly followed during the female rhinoplasty surgery itself.

Normally, a person who has undergone female rhinoplasty can face numbness, swelling, nosebleeds or scarring which heals with passing of time. The ideal thing is to consult your doctor beforehand, know the side effects and be prepared. Make sure post-operative instructions are followed in the prescribed manner for female rhinoplasty surgery.