Fight Against Bad Breath

There are different kinds of food that you should avoid consuming tremendous amounts of to stay away from getting a bad case of bad breath. Foods high in fat, certain types of meat, sugar rich food, and spices along with dairy products are just some that contribute to unhealthy oral conditions. Food that contains acid will normally produce bacteria in your mouth. When you consume food with a high fat and protein content, they may not digest properly and cause a buildup of bacteria that makes your breath to have a tumulus odor.

Food loaded with sugar poses a threat because it can be a catalyst for bacterial growth especially in your upper throat area. In addition to onion and garlic, spices like curry are some of the leading causes of horrible breath. Remember that the effects are not only present in your oral cavity if taken in extreme amounts, but will circulate to your bloodstream within 24 hours and will be emitted through your pores making you really stinky. Coffee and tea are also culprits of nasty breath because of their high acid content, drinking black tea although carry bacteria fighting elements that will prevent you from getting bad breath.

By consuming food that is rich in antioxidants, you can avoid having bad breath and help your body protect itself against this oral problem. Green leafy vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage, fruits like berries will be helpful in fighting against bacteria buildup that may lead to bad breath. You can also try food that helps keep you healthy such as yogurt and lactobacillus drinks. Remember to take supplements rich in Zinc and Vitamin B as these vital vitamins and nutrients will protect you from having bad breath, a stable amount of 60 mg of zinc a day should help you get within normal levels of the required zinc in our body. Remember what you put in your body, your diet and lifestyle are great factors that can affect your oral condition and will determine your susceptibility to bad breath.