Fight Better Now! Beat the Training-Blues by Going Home!

The training blues are brought on by training repeatedly at a difficult level without following a structured program. They are brought on by amateur fighters and grapplers who have the maxim “If you want to get good at (Martial Arts), the best way is to do (Martial Arts)” stamped into their psyche.

These training blues don’t occur right away, and this is what makes the progression so hard to identify until, BOOM! The blues hit you. Why are they hard to identify? Mostly it’s because your fitness level stays so high. You are moving, sweating, burning calories, maintaining a healthy weight, and eating properly and so nothing seems wrong . . . initially. And you just keep going harder and harder.

The only problem is that your body can no longer reap the benefits of training at this level, and you begin to have an internal battle with training hard versus not wanting to train. And the ego tells you that you must train, and you’ve heard the mantra “No pain, no gain,” and you begin to believe that it applies here, but it does not.

And before you know it, one of the following occurs:

– You attend training not mentally sharp and get hurt.
– You train too much and give yourself an upper respiratory infection (commonly known as a cold).
– You get frustrated and stop going to practice for awhile and then return thinking that you can pick up right where you left off and so put yourself at risk of getting hurt.

None of these are beneficial.

How to Beat the Training Blues Before They Start

Without having a professional coach, it’s hard to beat the blues, because you are not sure if you are beating the blues or just being soft. So to take care of that problem, you should do something that I find very helpful called the HOME approach.

The HOME approach stands for Hard, Off, Medium, Easy. That means that your training days are hard, off, medium, easy, hard, off, medium, easy, hard, off, and so on.

This approach is free and easy and will help you stay as injury free as possible. It will also keep your training spiced up and will help you beat the training blues.