Fiji – The Pacific Wonderland

A southern paradise has attracted many travelers to the Pacific for a long time, just as bees to honey. Fiji, which is full of perilous reefs as well as fearsome cannibals, offers its unique culture as well as spectacular beauty. The Pacific wonderland of Fiji always welcome tourists to explore it.


The first knowledge Europeans had of Fiji was through the writings of Captain James Cook who met Fijians in Tonga. Even back in the 18th century, Fijians were described as formidable warriors and ferocious cannibals as well as builders of the finest vessels in the Pacific. Their bark-cloth and clubs were highly esteemed and much in demand as were all their products. In short they inspired awe among the Tongans.


Yet for all their superiority, the Fijians lost the naming rights to their islands because of a simple mispronunciation. The Tongans called Fiji’s homeland Viti ‘Fiji’. Cook recorded this pronunciation and the world calls the archipelago Fiji.


Once reaching the islands of Fiji, a world of opportunity opens up. Locals base their recreation mostly around the sea. The choices range from the delightful island vistas above to the magical underwater worlds of Fiji.


Fiji has been labelled the soft coral capital of the world by Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of the famed creator of the scuba system, Jacques Cousteau. Fiji offers some of the best scuba diving and snorkelling in the world, with crystal clear waters, steady water temperatures and some of the most bio-diverse coral reefs on earth.


You can hire a helicopter and see the wonders of the Fijian waters from the air. You’ll often spot giant game fish and ancient turtles from the air and the experience will be with you forever.


Take a trek through ancient rainforests, stand under cascading waterfalls, travel up river to native villages and gasp as the highland mountains turn purple in the setting sun.


For those who prefer to get to know the region intimately one island at a time, the option of staying at some of the world’s most desirable resorts is extremely appealing. Some resorts have removed the worldly distractions of television, internet, faxes and email and dedicated themselves instead to the glories of sun-soaked beaches and endless blue skies.


Scheduled events can be limited to as little as a beautiful sunrise and a slow, golden sunset.