Filling Machine Disputes: Resentment “machine” Or Resentment “bottle”

With the temperature rising Beverages Sale season has arrived. To face the best time to make a profit, the source of Guangxi Yizhou Food Beverage Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the source of the company) Lin Qingming managers are not happy.

A year ago, the company spent 208,000 yuan to buy a set of three in one fully automatic gas filling pressure and other beverage production equipment, but use only to find, there are serious quality defects of the device simply does not work. Another instant beverage sales season approaching, and Filling equipment Consult the manufacturers are still no results.

Source of Company: 200 thousand yuan to buy back the “problem” Filling machine

2005 7 16, the source company Jiangsu Province Suzhou Hongyu Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Reconstructing the company) purchased a triple automatic gas filling pressure and other beverage production equipment, model DCGF18-18-6, the total value of 208,000 yuan. Use problems are identified, the source of the company in a timely manner to reflect Reconstructing the company, Reconstructing the company also assigned two technicians to debug the source of the company debugging equipment. But more than 10 days in the past, not able to debug better equipment, two technical staff have walked out. Since then, the source of the company many times and Reconstructing for negotiations, but did not make the problem be resolved. Jiang, general manager of the company

source told reporters after the arrival of the equipment company, that set of equipment found there were serious quality problems: such as three of the bottom pressure filling machine Gear Axle is too short, the machine is not running smoothly, the speed not up to standard. Instructions indicated on the 6000 ~ 8000 bottles per hour filling, while the actual maximum speed reached only 5,000 bottles; filling capacity allowed, plasma leakage, leakage serious, level control not working; sealer basic can not be used; shaft cover short and small (a cover on off); multi media Filter Inside a small quartz sand; Activated Carbon Less within the activated carbon filter, and can not kick; deployment of two cans Motor Power of different (and, respectively 0.25KW 0.37KW), and devices with multiple components fail to use the description said Stainless steel , Instead of using other materials.

“In the beverage season, we are guarding a pile of ‘ Of scrap iron ‘Anxious. Millions of pre-investment not only failed to profit, but production losses because they can not. “Jiang, general manager looked very helpless. In this case, the source of the company filed a return to Reconstructing requirements, and thus embarked on a long and difficult road defenders.

“Reconstructing the company many times to communicate with the unsuccessful, the side not to say demolition equipment, so we Reconstructing the company is improper operation against damage to equipment.” Source of frustration, general manager of the company, said Chiang. He told reporters that the company considered by Law Channels to solve the problem, counsel will be Reconstructing the company to court, you can make returns and payments of compensation for economic loss, a great chance of winning. However, considering the principle of territoriality in Suzhou, according to the trial, even if they win, and compensation would be very difficult to implement.

Reconstructing the company: the other beverage bottles failed

On the matter, the company’s telephone contact with the Hongyu Yao Weiping General Manager. Yao, general manager, said before shipment, the product has been the source of the company three days of rigorous inspection, after the normal debugging, after the request for acceptance Package And in July 16, 2005 at loading shipments. July 21 sent a technician to install the debugging also re-issued once during the fittings, the equipment and tested, commissioning officers authorized by the other evening to return after the August 7, debugging results reported to the company.

On the quality of the source of the company that the filling equipment failure problems, Yao, general manager of that is the other bottle and the cap does not meet the requirements and the result of improper operation, not the equipment quality. They have repeatedly requested the source of the company 20 days to comply with the standard sample bottle and cap mail order processing of the corresponding parts, but the other is always ignored. On quartz sand, activated carbon is less a problem, they have commissioned a logistics company arrived; two different motor power allocation problem can, in accordance with technical requirements should be 0.25KW, they do not affect the production and obtained in other approved premise, 0.37KW change made the deployment of a tank.

For Reconstructing the bottle and cap companies that failed to say, the source of the company seemed to be somewhat angry Lin Qingming manager, “Our bottles are formulated in accordance with uniform standards, how is substandard products?” Forest Management explained , beverage filling machine is a special product, order filling equipment to Reconstructing the company before the sample bottle has been provided in advance, the other is based on the sample bottle and cap customized equipment.