Finance Jobs In Oman

Oman is a small country bordered by the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. It has a vast coastal plain and has small population where many religions co-exist but Islam is the dominant of all. Oman is governed by Monarchs and 50% of the population is indulged in agriculture and fishing jobs. The Sultan is making efforts to make its people educated by setting up universities so that the country can be benefited in a way that its own people take up jobs in Oman and earn good salaries.

Like other countries in the Middle East, jobs in Oman are also being created on a large scale. In past few years the government has taken vital steps by entering into friendship treaties with other countries and attracting them to invest in Oman. Banking and finance jobs sectors are important for every countrys economic stability. Omani banking sector is highly efficient and stable which responds to regional and international developments and it is also trying to liberate financial services within the framework of World Trade Organization. More and more Omani citizens are gaining knowledge of finance related studies and many colleges are offering courses in banking and financial sector. The government has set up specialist banks which support efforts made for national development in housing, fisheries, agriculture and industry.

People from different countries arrive with an aim to work and find jobs in Oman. The expatriates are generally the labor force which comes from countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, and middle-east countries. But a large number of foreign workers are also skilled labors and are given handsome salaries with attractive perks. Some foreign workers are given accommodation facility, pick and drop facility and free tickets to travel back to their home country. When their tenure ends the company gives them big bonuses usually money which makes Oman a destination for lucrative career.

A person coming to Oman to work will experience a lot of cultural difference. Omani society is very conservative and has stringent punishment for small crimes. Male and female interaction in public spaces is not encouraged in Oman. This has helped in curbing the crime rate but a foreign worker has to make sure that he/she is on the right side of the law. But overall, you will enjoy working in Oman if you go with an open and free mind with least expectations.

The country in the past has spent a lot on its infrastructure and has attracted many western countries to set up their business here. With improving lifestyle and disposable incomes, more and more people want to secure their hard earned money and property. This has led to the growth of different financial sectors such as insurance companies, real estate companies, financial planning companies and money management companies to establishing their offices in Oman. These MNCs require working force and have job vacancies in large number for Omani people. A person should have a graduate and post-graduate degree in finance studies with 2-3 years of work experience to get a job in Oman.

Though other sectors are emerging in Oman but, the region is famous for its oil and petroleum reserves and its economy is based on these natural minerals. But, there are huge prospects in other emerging sectors as well which have many vacancies and job in Oman. Due to lack of supply and availability of resources citizens are partially benefiting and hence, companies hire foreign professionals.

In the times of globalization, the people living in Oman are well aware about the advantages of education and its benefits in their countries growing economy. Hence, many parents are sending their children abroad in order to gain knowledge and come back to their country to put their knowledge into practice by getting good jobs in Oman and contributing to the countrys development.