Find A Set Of Eyeglasses Perfectly Compliment Your Features

Since when, eyeglasses are no longer a set of tool providing wearers clear vision, but they are more of a necessary adornment for modern people. It is rather normal for you to observe a great amount of people with good eyesight wearing eyeglasses either to present another look or to enhance charm. Eyeglasses can not only affect how other people look at you but also how you look at yourself. Therefore, to find a set of eyeglasses perfectly compliment your features are rather crucial.

Then facing so many choices displayed in the retail optical stores, many people would feel at a loss which type to choose and what color to select. It is impossible and unwise to try every style in the store, which would make you at a loss more and rather tired. The suggestion is to know relative information concerning eyeglasses, including materials, types, styles and even colors, and then get an idea which ones would be suitable to you. The try-on-system in some on-line optical shops would help you a lot. As long as you upload a digital head picture of yourself, you are able to try as many types of glasses as possible merely by clicking the mouse.

Anyhow, having a knowledge of the basic types of facial forms would feature help you determine what kind of eyeglasses would be the right ones for you. There are basically 5 types: a round face, a square face, an oblong face, a triangle face and an oval face. One simple rule is that the eyeglass frames should contrast the face shape. That is to say, a person with a round face should no longer choose round shaped eyeglass frames, instead narrow and angular frames will look better on round faces. Similarly, a person with a square face should wear round frames, oblong face would look better with frames that are thick from top to bottom; while a oval face can be complimented by frames that are wider at the bottom.

As far as color is concerned, the rule comes to be opposite to that for facial form: the color of the frame should be congruent with the person’s skin color, or the glasses would appear to be too conspicuous there.

Last but not the least, choose a pair of eyeglasses of suitable size. That is to say, the glasses should be always in scale with a person’s head size and overall body size, or you would come to be rather ridiculous.