Find Funny Gifts That’ll Make The Giggles Go Further

It’s easy to giggle when it’s someone’s birthday! It’s a happy time when we usually surround ourselves with family and friends and can see humour in the simplest things. Make your giggles go further for the special day that’s approaching (whatever that may be!) by choosing funny gifts and everyone will have trouble sleeping when bedtime arrives because they’ll still be laughing.

It’s not just birthdays either, whatever the occasion it’s nice to have a laugh. Wedding anniversaries can be very romantic and a giggle can make them even more so, Valentine’s Day can be enhanced with a thoughtful chuckle, Christmas and retirements can all be so much more fun with a few funny gifts and things to talk and laugh about thrown in to the mix.

A lot of the time funny gifts are not that expensive either so you can always buy someone a funny gift to get them laughing and smiling and then something more heartfelt and sentimental to touch them emotionally and show them how much you truly love them.


Buying funny gifts for girls is easy and there are tons of cute gifts out there like flying pigs which are stretchy and can twang across a living room or office! Such colourful girlish and funky gifts can be used to dramatic comedy effect. They’re also perfect gifts for young girls.

For women who like their humour a bit racier; naughty gifts and wrapping paper can be a fun way to celebrate a girlish birthday or even a hen night. Hen nights are traditionally a time when women dress up, plan exciting activities such as pub crawls and aren’t afraid to show their wild side or have a giggle. Cheeky wrapping paper which is ordinary on one side but covered in muscled hunks on the underside is a great way to inject some humour in to a gift. The more wrapping the lady unwraps the more hunky skin she gets to see!


Boys meanwhile love fun toys as well as funny gifts. Even grown men usually do get excited at the prospect of anything remote controlled or which takes batteries and they enjoy silly and parody presents too. One of our favourite funny gifts for the boys in your life has to be the pizza cutter shaped like a chainsaw, or the pizza made entirely of chocolate. What man doesn’t love to settle down in front of the TV with a nice drink of something cold and a few slices of their favourite pizza? With the pizza cutter shaped like a chainsaw they can be especially manly as they cut it up! Imagine the boy you’re buying gifts for opening a takeout pizza box and expecting takeaway but getting a delicious Belgian chocolate pizza instead decorated in sweets. It’s not just funny and cheerful it’s an exciting and thoughtful surprise too.

If you know any dads who ever refer to their new baby or little person as a half pint, then they would probably get a kick out of receiving a pint and half pint set of t-shirts. There’s a big one for the daddy and a teeny one for his child and they come in various colours, styles and sizes for both wearers. They also both feature the pint crown emblem common on pub glasses which actually looks far classier than it sounds.

Funny Gifts Rock!

Having parties and paying attention to specific people on their birthdays, retirements or anniversaries is all about creating memories together and big belly laughs can make a celebration so much more memorable. By choosing funny gifts you can make sure that you start the celebrations with a big beaming grin on the face of your recipient.

There are as many different types of funny gift as there are funny people to receive them! There’s literally something for everyone. So next time you’re searching for a present for your friend, relative or partner consider getting something which will make them giggle.

Often, it’s the most personal jokes that we find the funniest. Those jokes that make us laugh but just don’t sound as funny if you try to explain them. That’s why we also think that personalised greetings cards are a super cool idea to go with any funny gifts you might buy. Personalised cards are great for birthdays but also for other occasions too. You can get any name added to the front including a cute or funny nickname, so if someone has been given a new moniker recently you can have that added to the card and it’ll look just as glossy and high-quality as one bought in a high street shop but designed and printed especially for you. BOLA TANGKAS