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Czech is a West Slavic language, along with Polish, Sorbian and Slovak, spoken by about 11 million people. There are ten million Czech speakers who reside in the Czech Republic and 1 million who live in North America. Czech is closely connected to Eastern Slavic languages like Russian and Southern Slavic languages like Croatian. Czech is classified as an Eastern Indo-European language. Its dialects vary across the regions of the Czech Republic: Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.

Old Czech was employed from the 11th-14th centuries. The earliest version of Czech utilized the Latin alphabet. In the course of the 13th century, speakers began to modify the Latin alphabet to accommodate for Czech sounds that did not appear in Latin. Czech literature started to seem in the 13th century.
Modern day Czech has a lot of Anglicisms, especially in the realm of business, computer systems, retail and well-liked culture. The two dialects of Czech, literary and spoken, began to resemble every single other in the 20th century. Artistic literary works had been written in a language closer to the spoken dialect. Journalism also created. Typical Czech, the spoken dialect, extended into regions of the Czech Republic exactly where it had not previously been in use as a result of the media’s influence on Czech society.

Czech is a minority language in:

* Canada
* Austria
* Germany
* Croatia
* Romania
* Serbia
* Slovakia

The next couple of hundred years saw a constantly evolving language. In the late 18th century the abolition of serfdom sparked a huge internal migration of the Czech individuals, which in turn inspired a fantastic upturn in literary and artistic endeavours as the population of the cities swelled. This had a huge effect on the Czech Language, resulting in a renaissance that not only revived interest in the Czech but brought modern day innovations to the language and created a certain Czech scientific terminology. The end outcome of this flurry of activity was a vibrant and still-changing language.
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