Find Out Why Fish Omega 3 is the Best For You

Let’s face it, the source of omega3 fatty acid you take plays an important role in determining the level of its efficacy and the benefits you will derive. There are plant sources such as flaxseed oil and animal sources such as beef, but fish omega 3 is the best and I will tell you why shortly.

It is important to note that omega-3 (n-3) is an essential fatty acid; this means that it is important that you have enough of it in your body but unfortunately your body can not make it. So, the only way you can actually get it is by eating foods that are rich in it or taking supplements.

Having said that, it is no longer news that the foods we eat in these modern days are not nutritious enough; they don’t contain the necessary nutrient our bodies need. In other words, if you really want to get enough of this vital fatty acid, you need to take supplements regularly.

Now back to why fish omega 3 is the best; it is the best because it has DHA and EPA which are the most important components of n-3. Studies show that the benefits we get from n-3 are actually derived from these two components.

The truth is, plants contain another form of n-3 known as ALA, and the problem is your body can not use ALA in the form it exists; so it has to be turned into DHA or EPA before it could be used. These conversions have been shown to be very inefficient.

The only plant that contains DHA and EPA is marine algae; so, if you are vegetarian this is your best option
but they are very scarce;

Although fish omega 3 is the best because of the DHA and EPA contents, there is the problem of impurities. Fish contain toxic chemicals like mercury, lead and other toxins due to pollutions in waters. You can avoid these toxins by buying supplements that are molecularly distilled. This purification method guarantees purity of the fish oil.

In order to maximum the benefits of omega-3, it is recommended that you buy supplements that contain double the amount of DHA than EPA. This is necessary because your body can turn DHA into EPA any time the need arises but can not turn EPA to DHA.

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