Find the Best Indian Wedding Photographer in Houston

Although Indians are fully integrated in the American society, they still tend to keep their traditions and their customs. For example, an Indian wedding is one of the most important events in life.
Besides being a very populous country, India also a number of cultures, religions, and customs. Regardless of the part of India that a person is from, there are similarities when it comes to wedding customs. Allow me to expand.
What is common for all Indian weddings is that they are luxurious. Just like in many other cultures, Indians consider the wedding to be the most important event in their lives. These amazing weddings very often last for more than one day and it is not uncommon for these marriages to be pre-arranged – this is a relic from the past. In addition, a dowry is required. A dowry is a gift the groom receives from the bride’s family. Not only will he be getting married, but he can also expect some expensive gift too.
For the ladies reading, what makes Indian weddings really interesting is that the bride is decorated with henna. This decoration is usually applied on the hands of the bride, and the whole decoration process lasts for several hours. These henna decorations resemble different images and ornaments; one might even find the name of the groom hidden amongst these designs. This is a particularly interesting tradition because later the on the wedding night, the groom has to try to find his name on the bride’s hands.
Another significant element of Indian weddings is the jewelry. The bride wears colorful and diverse jewelry that complements the strong glare of the whole wedding ceremony. The bride commonly wears gold, which is most instances is a gift from her own family or from her relatives. An Indian bride is covered in jewelry from head to toe: she could have jewelry on her neck, her head, her hair, her ankles, her toes, her fingers, and her waist. The mangala sutra or thaali is a symbol of the marriage. This is a small golden decoration that is worn on a necklace. It is a symbol of a married woman, kind of like a wedding band. Very often Hindus choose ornaments that represent some of their Gods like Shiva or Vishnu. Placing kumkuma powder on the forehead of the bride (on the place where the hair is separated) is another interesting Indian wedding tradition. The powder used in this ceremony has a red color. Indian weddings are very exciting, from food, to colors, to decorations, to the dancing and the music.
There are many Houston wedding photographers that are offering their services for different ethnic weddings. But what is of utmost importance is the experience of the photographer and the respect of all cultures and religions. A good photographer will know what kind of moments should be captured depending on the type of wedding and the religious affiliation of the wedding party.
Fernando Weberich is a Houston-based wedding photographer that has more than ten years of experience in this field. Taking professional photography on Indian weddings and other ethnic weddings is nothing new to him. So, if you are looking for a wedding photographer that understands the most important parts of the wedding ceremony of different cultures, and a photographer that discreetly captures the best moments in both wedding photography styles (portrait and journalistic) then Fernando Weberich is the best option for you. You can find dozens of Houston wedding photographer reviews that speak positively about his work, and this is another confirmation about his quality. By hiring Fernando Weberich you will have one less thing to worry about when you are planning your perfect Indian wedding.


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