Finding The Best London Film Locations

London is a city with many scenic and iconic landmarks. There are many London film locations around the city. Many production companies use this setting for a lot of Hollywood movies. This can be seen in all genres of movies in America and England.

The river Thames is a great setting for films that require a tranquil setting usually for romantic purposes. Lester Square and Trafalgar Square are ideal for city shots. Notting Hill has also become a sought after location in the recent years.

The Big Ben has also become very popular for romantic comedies. It is used as a symbol for London. It is centrally located and can be seen for miles. It was created after a fire in the city destroyed many building and planners decided to incorporate a clock into the new citys design.

The big, red double decker buses and black taxi cabs are symbols of Londons public transport. There can be recognised throughout the world and are used extensively when filming. Using this allows film makers to get the essence of city life in a shot.

Many comedies use the Queens guard as a platform for satire. The Queens Guard is stationed in front of the palace and they do not move. People then try their best to make them move in funny ways. They either pull faces at them or try to adjust their clothing which creates humor in the scene.

Churches and cathedrals are great locations to shoot scenes that require it to be old and mystical. There are Westminster and Saint Pauls Cathedral. Both these buildings are spectacular sights and will complete any scene.

The London phone booths are situated around the city. These booths are great for quick shots in and around London. They are very abundant in the city and are usually used to show the location that they are set in.

The subway can be a used for action scenes creating a sense of intrigue and excitement for the viewers. The subway has extensive locations in itself for the horror genre as well. It is easy to access and sets the tone of the film without a large budget.

When shooting in London there are many locations to suite film makers needs. There are ancient buildings that posses architectural brilliance and mastery. This is one of the most used and common filming locations in England. It incorporates the new and old in its own unique fusion.