Finding The Best Trade Show Display Company

For most companies, buying trade show exhibits is easy because they have an established relationship with a company they know and trust. Likewise, that company knows them, and already understands their needs and preferences. Over time, the relationship between the two companies becomes collaborative, with the agent at the production company able to suggest new ideas for their client. If you’re buying your first trade show displays, you face a twofold difficulty: you don’t have that established relationship, and you are in need of expert guidance from a good agent. There are several steps you can take to help assure the quality of the firm you choose.

Do They Have What You Need?

The first question to ask any prospective firm is whether they offer the type of unit you’re looking to buy. It can be surprising to discover the small selection that some sellers will offer. If you haven’t taken the time to research the full variety of what’s available, it is crucial to do so before you choose. Browse other websites from top designers. Get a feeling for what the competition offers before you even ask for a quote. The larger the selection offered, the more useful your relationship is likely to be as your needs change over time.

Explore Trade Show Displays Magazines

There are many periodicals dedicated solely to the convention exhibitor. Many of these will offer specialized product reviews, and perhaps even profile particularly outstanding success stories. They will often give awards to companies for exceptional designs, or at least note new developments pioneered by leaders. In this way, these publications can sometimes give you a list of places to start your search. You can only compile such a list by following these trade show exhibits publications over several issues, but it’s a great way to start. In addition, you might learn about some businesses known to be particularly bad at designing trade show displays and know to avoid them.

Double Check Before You Buy Trade Show Exhibits

Once you’ve settled on a company that you think will be reliable, do an exhaustive Google search on their name. Look specifically for any complaints about them, or for any positive press. They may receive endorsements from happy clients, or may receive design awards from various conventions. If they’ve done anything noteworthy in trade show displays, you want to know about it. If you’re not feeling particularly confident, don’t hesitate to contact an actual client. If their clients are pleased with the trade show exhibits they have received, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t want to discuss it with you.

Never allow the opinions of others to override your gut feelings about a particular business. If you think that they can’t deliver you the type of product you want, or that they won’t be a good partner in the future, don’t work with them. There are great, reliable companies out there which will be able to give you just what you want at a price you can afford.

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