Finn Comfort Shoes and Their Benefits

The Finn Comfort Shoe Company advertises itself as “The Finest Walking Shoes on Earth” and also “The most comfortable shoe in the store.” They have a very cool, very trendy website complete with music. The shoes are hand made in Germany to very rigorous standards, with ‘extraordinary orthopedic support and exhilarating comfort while promoting good health and well-being. Make no mistake; these are ‘luxury’ comfort shoes! Though these shoes are pricey, the company is very serious about comfort and health, and it shoes in their product.

Finn Comfort shoes are made with old world craftsmanship, each pair made by hand, but with modern technology and medical knowledge for the ultimate in comfort. Each pair is crafted with superior materials and superb skill. As many as 150 expertly qualified craftsmen work on completing each pair in the original plant in Hassfurt, Bavaria, Germany, where they’ve been made since 1945.

The Kanner family began importing Finn Comfort Shoes into Canada in the mid 1980’s, and they at first had only a small cult following that grew over time by word of mouth. Today they have two North American headquarters offices- in Montreal and Thousand Oaks, California, distributing over a million pairs each year that are sold in 35 countries around the world.

Finn Comfort Shoes provide you with an anatomically correct fit, generous freedom of movement, great orthopedic support, all natural materials, and footbeds that allow for natural rolling motion as you walk. The lasts, footbeds and outsoles used to make Finn Comfort Shoes are developed using the very latest orthopedic and anatomical principles. Because fit is extremely important to comfort, sales people who work in stores which sell Finn Comfort Shoes are particularly well-trained. Expect them to measure your feet more than once and to double and triple check the fit.

Finn shoes have serious support, both for your feet and for your whole body. The exceptional orthopedic design is developed based on the most recent medical research, and contributes to your general well-being by encouraging bone and joint strength and muscle fitness, while also easing stress on your knees, hips, and spine.

All Finn shoes have the special orthopedic footbed, which is contour molded and ergonomically designed to conform to the shape of healthy feet. The footbed is made of natural cork, pure latex and woven jute, and then lined with organically dyed suede. The natural footbeds support excellent posture and appropriate foot function. (These footbeds are removable, replaceable, and hand-washable.)

Finn Comfort can be a great choice for people who need custom orthotics. They can also be customized by your pedorthist if needed, they are recommended by leading foot health experts around the world, and are frequently prescribed as therapeutic comfort footwear

Reviews of Finn Comfort Shoes are typically glowing. Customers mentioned the fact that the footbeds could be removed and replaced, and also that they could comfortably wear these without their prescription orthotics. Some mentioned that they had previously been fans of different comfort shoe manufacturers, until they tried Finn Comfort. They also loved the wide variety of styles, and the fact that most styles had an adjustable fit. Finn Comfort has a rapidly growing number of loyal customers around the world.