Fire Hazard Detection and Prevention ? Help And Advice

Under the Fire Safety Order of 2006 businesses are legally required to take full responsibility for determining and solving matters regarding fire hazards. Preventing any fire hazard includes the identification of potentially dangerous substances and activities that could start a fire. In order to do this it is helpful to have an understanding of how combustion starts and how fire spreads. It is also necessary to have proper evacuation plans in place, as well as methods of containment and detection and notification. Taking the necessary precautionary actions will help eliminate the risks of a potential fire hazard.


Under the new UK regulations of the Fire Safety Order which became effective in 2006, businesses are now required to provide employees with the proper tools and information to deal with potential fire hazards and to protect themselves and others within the building. The Fire Safety Order is a compilation of health and safety laws of the past with the major addition of a requirement for Fire Risk Assessment. This new item adds a preventive clause that asks businesses to use several methods to identify and prevent potential fire hazards.


This includes determining proper containment methods and planning an effective evacuation procedure. The primary goal of the Fire Safety Order is to reduce the overall risk of fire hazards, therefore protecting employees and the general public, reducing building damage and damage to adjoining properties. Businesses are legally responsible for conducting assessments to identify any potential hazard.


Examining your overall risk is the first step in developing an effective plan against the risk of a fire starting and spreading. The first issue that must be looked at is the types and quantities of substances and materials that exist in your work place. Any flammable or explosive substance, including paint, varnish, stain, gas, or oil must be stored safely and used in an appropriate manner. Limiting the quantities of these dangerous substances and the number of people dealing with them is highly recommended.


The employees that are handling the materials must be well trained and take all the normal safety precautions in their daily work activities. Maintaining a well ventilated and cool work area prevents the build up of dust and gas that could potentially create an explosive environment. Taking preventive measures such as these is the easiest way to minimise any fire hazard.


The new Safety legislation requires businesses to establish a number of procedures in case a fire does break out. Employees must be given the appropriate tools and information to be able to react in a reasonable fashion in a time of panic. The first step a business should take is to provide proper extinguishers and available water sources that can be used if a fire is still containable. Employees must be able to judge the magnitude of a fire and trained to extinguish fires that are small. However, if a fire becomes completely out of hand then a reliable and logical evacuation plan must be in order.


Escape routes must be clearly identified, lighted, and clear of obstructions. Occasional fire drills will insure evacuation takes place in a calm and orderly fashion. A fire detection and alarm is required to be in good working order so people who are in other parts of the building will be notified of the fire hazards and the need to leave immediately. The Order maintains that a business needs to keep appropriate manuals, information and guides for employees so there is no question what to do in an emergency situation. Defining procedures, following the new regulations and planning ahead are the keys to minimising the risks of fire hazards.



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