First Half Of The Profits Of State-owned Grain Enterprises 1.299 Billion System Operator – Food,

Yesterday, the State Grain Administration released report shows that the first half of this year, the state-owned grain enterprises system operator profitability 1.299 billion yuan, 1.852 billion yuan year on year loss into a profit of 12 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have achieved a system operator profits. The report predicts that operating conditions of the second half of the state-owned grain enterprises will be moving in a positive direction, annual profits of state-owned grain enterprises remain state.

Report, 1 June, the national state-owned grain enterprises to purchase grain 1616 billion jin, an increase of 148.5 billion kilograms; to achieve grain Sell Income of 155.889 billion yuan, down 2.319 billion yuan; profit of 1.299 billion yuan to achieve system operator, up 1.852 billion yuan loss into a profit, including purchase and sale of corporate profit 1.094 billion yuan, up 1.573 billion yuan loss into a profit. Beijing and Tianjin, 12 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have achieved profit system operator.

-Year data shows that although the number of the acquisition of food increased by nearly 10%, but the company’s grain and oil sales have decreased slightly. Kuo Ching-editor of the Chinese oil network security that year reduced corporate income as grain prices soared last year, grain prices this year is relatively weak.

It is understood that, in 2007, the national state-owned grain marketing company profit and loss profit system operator 167 million, is the first time since 1961 profit, profit provinces to 17. In 2008, the national system operator of state-owned grain enterprises profit 2.09 billion yuan, increased 1174 percent over the previous year.

As the steady rise of the domestic economic situation, wheat, rice and other major food Food Species and stable oil prices, as well as countries continue to implement the minimum purchase price policy for food and temporary storage policies for enterprises to create good conditions for the loss into a profit. The report predicts that the second half of this year, state-owned grain enterprises will be moving in a positive direction, annual profits of state-owned grain enterprises remain state.

The Chinese People’s University of Agriculture and Rural Development, Associate Dean Xiang-zhi told the “Daily Economic News”, the profitability of state-owned grain enterprises and “Selling at Proper Price” policy has some relationship, in addition to master level of corporate market is also rising .

But the report still point out that the current management of state-owned grain enterprises are still the following questions: First, the state-owned grain enterprises a considerable portion of income comes from subsidies for grain purchasing and storage policy income, autonomy to carry out the profitability of grain purchase and sales weak; followed state-owned grain purchase and sales are still 73.8 billion business operating problems left over food and other financial losses are not yet fully resolved; again, part of the primary state-owned grain purchase and marketing enterprises difficult to Agricultural Development Bank of the acquisition of loans, make their own decisions is very difficult; Finally, business development Some of the policy environment needs further improvement, such as value-added tax policy perfect.