Fish Oil Tablets – Your Guide to Finding the Best

How can you find the safest and most effective fish oil tablets? Does it need an enteric coating or is that just an advertising gimmick? Here are some facts that should help you choose the best omega 3 dietary supplements and get the best value for your money.

The omega 3 Content Varies

Many people think that 1000mg fish oil tablets provide 1000mg of omega 3 fatty acids, but that is not the case. The omega 3 content varies greatly. At least 50% of the oils should be omega 3s and the DHA content should equal at least 290mg per capsule.

DHA is the most important aspect of a fish oil tablet. It has the most impact on high blood triglyceride levels. It is the omega 3 that is necessary for brain health and it is necessary for the health of the eyes. Check the label or the certificate of analysis to insure that you are getting the omega 3s that you need.

The Purity May Be Questionable

Every fish oil tablet on the market should be tested for contaminants. Manufacturers should be required to adhere to strict specifications for purity. But, adhering to standards set by the Council for Responsible Nutrition and other organizations is voluntary.

Before you buy fish oil tablets, find out what standards the manufacturer adheres to and find out if they test each batch for compliance.

The Freshness May Be Suspect

If a fish oil tablet has an artificial flavoring or an enteric coating, it might not be very fresh. If there is a high degree of oxidation, the oils smell and taste bad. They cause fishy tasting burps. In order to mask those problems, the manufacturer may add an enteric coating or use an artificial flavoring. But, if you are taking oxidized oils, then you are also consuming free radicals.

One of the benefits of fish oil tablets is to help prevent oxidation and free radical damage. If the oils are handled properly, there is no need for an enteric coating or an added flavoring. You can find out about the level of oxidation by viewing the manufacturer’s certificate of analysis.

The Benefits Could Be Numerous or Non-existent

If it is rich in omega 3s, is completely free of contaminants and has very low levels of oxidation, the benefits are numerous. People notice reduced pain in their joints and improved mood. Their skin and hair looks better. They can even think more clearly. But, the long-term benefits in reducing the risk of age-related heart disease, cancer and other health problems are most desirable.

A fish oil tablet or capsule can provide all of those things, but it might provide no benefit at all. Anyone that has ever used a good supplement and then been tempted by a low-price discount brand can tell you that there is a noticeable difference.

So, buy your fish oil tablets carefully. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best, but the cheapest brands are just a waste of money, no matter how little they cost.