Fish Oil – What Makes the Best Fish Oil Tablet?

Without a doubt fish oil is one of the rising superstars of health supplements, of course fish oil has been used in one form or another over the years so there is of ongoing debate as to what makes the best fish oil, which we will look at here.

The main reason for taking this kind of supplement is because of all the benefits that the omega3 gives you; so to make sure you get good omega 3 you want the oil to come from an oily fish. Cod liver oil although it does contain omega 3 is not as good for you because it does not produce it naturally; instead the omega3 is produced in the cods liver from the algae it eats.

Also when it comes to oily fish one of the first things people think is salmon, but again this is not the best fish oil tablet as it can often be fish caught in heavily worked areas with lots of pollution which can be passed on to the end consumer and when you consider these pollutants are things like mercury and lead you really do not want to be consuming that; plus the tablets are generally expensive too.

The best tablets come from fish such as the hoki and tuna. Tuna I am sure you have heard of, but hoki is not so well known as it is a fish that lives just off the coast of New Zealand and the oils it contains are perfect for making supplements as it is high in DHA and this is one of the essential acids that does so much good for us; and I will explain why.

The reason DHA is so good for us is twofold really: one is because it is a key property to fighting inflammation within the body and inflammation causes not only conditions such as arthritis, but it is also behind bigger concerns like strokes and heart attacks. The second reason it is so important is that about a quarter of the brain is actually made up of DHA fats, but the body cannot produce it naturally by itself, so by supplementing you are actually feeding the brain and making it work at its best so that you get better memory and concentration and less problems with moods and feelings of anxiety or depression.

One other thing to check for to make sure you are buying the best fish oil tablet possible is that the product has been molecularly distilled. We touched on pollution before and explained why it would be bad to have a polluted tablet, however not all companies purify their oil and even if the fish comes from areas that have little man made pollution there is still natural pollution which you do not want to be consuming.