Five Best Linkbaiting Techniques

Linkbaiting is something most, if not all, webmasters do-wether they realize it or not! Who doesn’t want their content linked to? Backlinks are a good thing, and getting them without any extra effort on your part should always brings a smile to your face.

Writing content that is so perfect and so complete that it entices one-way incoming links from others…well, I for one love it when that happens!  

The methods you use to try and get people to link to your content is only limited by your imagination, and some will stop at nothing in order to succeed, hence the bad rap linkbaiting has gotten in some circles.   

I’m not writing this article to argue the ethics of linkbaiting, but to give what I feel are the five best techniques you can use for getting some of those links, and none of these techniques are ethically troublesome.  

So without further adu, here are my five favorite linkbaiting techniques:  

Create the best content – Cover your topic better than anyone else has! Become the ultimate resource for information on your topic. Use video, images, and audio in your posts. Make your content useful, provocative, attention grabbing, provide real value to your readers, make them want to link to your content!

Be the first to break a story in your niche – Difficult to do, but very effective in getting incoming links! Stay up-to-date on what’s going on in your niche, stay on the cutting edge! Give your readers the scoop!

Provide a useful tool or software – By doing this you will get backlinks, there is little doubt about it! Even if you can’t produce the tool or software yourself you can buy it or pay someone to produce it for you. The more needed and useful the tool or software the more links it will generate for your site. 

Include “lists” of useful links in your content – Links to useful websites or useful resources tend to get linked to a lot. Make your list the most complete, or the most useful, make it stand out from the rest. Give your readers what they are looking for. I made a list of websites that offered the most, free WordPress themes available and found it became very popular and was linked to often.

Give away free stuff – Everyone loves it! Give it away-and they will come. Not only will they come, but they will tell their friends about it too!  


Use these five techniques, and use them consistently as you write your content, wether it’s blog posts, articles, website content, etc. and you will find your offerings linked to more often. And naturally occurring backlinks are the best kind!