Five Best Steps To Manage A Project Successfully

When you start thinking about running a business or organization, obviously you want to work in a way that it reach the level of success. To accomplish your business dream and purposes there are certain elements and strategies being embedded to be carried out systemically. Therefore, to deliver these elements and tasks in an organized manner, a project is being set up.

Managing project successfully should be the sole focus of every businessman, organizer or professional. Project management is a process of applying one’s knowledge and effort in overseeing and dealing a project of whatever magnitude. Project manager should be strongly able to initiate with dynamic responsibilities of planning ,leading and monitoring to accomplish it without any other drawbacks .

There are the five steps which will serve as guidelines and will be helpful in various implementations to deliver tasks of any project on time. The five best steps in managing a project are as follows :-


First, project manager and project creator should determine what needs to be done, resources to be provided and in what time framework. This will help to prevent unnecessary confusions, conflicts and work delay in the future.


Mapping a map of the project from the beginning to the end. The project manager should be cleared with project plan , requirements and what will be the consequences in the future. Make list of all the resources, logistics and the available human resources you will need.


Create specific time schedules for each and every step of the project so that you will be aware of how your works are progressing. And solve whether you are ahead of your schedule or you need to speed up things to complete in desired schedule.


To bring out a good planning, proper functioning of human resources are needed. Acquisition of efficient human resources will help the manager to handle many problems if surrounded by an inept staff. A project’s human resources must be informed about the project schedule and deadline to ensure the things are working according to the plan.


A good communication plan should be developed for the efficient flow of information from the leaders to the staff and to the stakeholders. All information relevant and affecting the project should be informed to the proper person or office to prevent delays and misunderstanding by developing a good communication plan

With these five steps you can start your project work without any complexity and time delay. Further, you will be able to manage all the related tasks of project to your level best and with much ease. Proper project management is not a complicated process but it needs hard work and proper planning to make everything accomplish from the start to the completion of the project. BOLA TANGKAS