Five Errors Of Women Purchasing And Using Of Plastic Underwear

Five Errors of Women Purchasing and Using of Plastic Underwear

Many women buy underwear only base on the appearance, but it is not right. Do you know that there are five errors of women purchasing and using of plastic underwear?

The first error is the closer the better.
Is the underwear the closer the batter, why must you wear took the design professional program?

There are a variety of different defects in the body curve, the curve is not perfect because the causes and characteristics are different, the solution should also prescribe the right medicine for the job Le bra too tight will make the breast deformation, the upper body would cause breathing difficulties, or even rise to a “green leukemia.”

The second error is shaping underwear Le pain is normal.
I wear a panty waist after the Thule often feel pain, and love the waist panty volume, especially when I sat to work, why?

Pain is a waist should never happen, curling is a panty waist design problems. To sell you the people you bought a pair of panty too small, you fools.

The third error is as long as there is not worn on the role, you can continue to wear.
I bought an advertisement on the body underwear, wearing only a month more than it is to relax the waist, I call to ask manufacturers, their answer is I lean, and this really. One of my colleagues and I have the same experience.

As early as the answer for you with a ruler bar, and now you must know to buy your clothes why this does not give you a detailed reason for the measure. In this way, you never do know, is not a problem with quality underwear. And I can tell you that memory alloy stitched girdle always changes with your body type, you probably buy sub-standard product.

Finally, you cannot even relax the body sculpting underwear has expired. In general, high-quality products can wear for two years.

The fourth error is I was very young, and our body figure is good, we can protect when we old.

For those who wear body sculpting underwear? Need to restore the body post-partum women, the proportion of poor female body, such as chest flat, and thighs too thick women. And those who are fat on the part, where is hard to cut down. After 25 years the trend of female breast would sag, and then they should consciously slow down the aging body.

The fifth error, it is the new gospel of weight loss failure.
After the body sculpting underwear I wear, no longer afraid to have enough to eat, and eat a little more than an upper abdomen will feel very Le, drink soda, especially sad, this is my body underwear size too small yet?

Not necessarily, body sculpting underwear to wear one of the purposes is to control your appetite, waist, feeling the constraints cannot eat your meal more than eight full should be the limit. The primary role of shaping underwear is to adjust the distribution of body fat, so curvy, not weight loss.