Five Fingers Shoes From “?” Makes You Special

As a child, many people running barefoot through the grass on a hot summer day. Few days were incredibly free and unfettered joy and exhilaration. Our ancestors evolved barefoot, and were the extension of the ground without shoes. Today, wearing shoes is the norm. But a lot of people are moving back to running barefoot to feel the ground beneath their feet and their connection to the earth. You might think that sounds a little crazy. Running down the city sidewalk without shoes can not be something you like to do. But Vibram Five Fingers are a shoe that gives you the ability to experience being barefoot without stepping on glass. A marvel of evolution, the human foot is a complex machine that consists of 26 bones, 33 joints, 20 muscles, and hundreds of ligaments, sensory receptors, and tendons. Put on shoes, feet do not do the exercise you need to be as strong as the feet of our ancestors. Modern feet weaker because they do not use their parts work properly. If you work in a steel mill, you will probably need work boots, but the foot still needs stimulation and exercise to be bare feet of the time. Five fingers shoes look a little funny if you’ve never seen or thought about barefoot shoes. They look like a foot with a pocket for every little toe to increase strength and agility. Souls are contoured to allow the natural movements of the foot. All this leads to the foot of the flexibility and sensitive connection to the land that would experience while barefoot. There is a tendency to run barefoot, and the five fingers have a whole line of footwear suitable for running. running barefoot runners run slightly compared to the traditional running shoes. Barefoot runners land on the outside of the midmost and roll inward.

In running shoes, runners run heel to toe that can often cause injury and pain. barefoot shoes are great for fitness activities and water sports and excursions. Kayakers, surfers and fishermen, as these shoes are because they have the flexibility to go barefoot and the excellent traction of shoes. Hikers enjoy being in contact with the natural environment and the connection to the ground beneath their feet. Yoga practitioners will love these shoes because they allow yoga at any time and anywhere. Do not need a mat and can not do yoga on the go and even outdoors. They provide traction on slippery mats protect the foot, while the exterior. Cardio, lifting and stretching are great with these shoes barefoot because shoes provide greater flexibility, more comfort, a sense of control, a center of gravity and balance. Ankles, feet and legs will also enjoy greater muscle stimulation. When the transition to Five Fingers KSO is important to consult a doctor if you have a history of injuries in the foot or leg. It is also important to take things easy and not overdo it. The feeling of being barefoot can be very exciting, and many people over do it. Remember, your feet have been in traditional shoes of all life, and your body needs time to develop its natural strength. A great way of pacing yourself is to run barefoot with five fingers on his hands, and when the skin is tired, put on his shoes and walk home.