Five Golden Rules Of Self Confidence

Self confidence is the faith one has in one’s own abilities and strengths.  It strengthens inner self and allows one to move forward. Lack of self confidence can really mess up one’s life. To have ability and talent is one thing but you need confidence to really bring out these talents. A self confident person is often more successful in life.

There are many ways by which one can increase their self confidence. The first and the foremost thing to do is to reflect on oneself and find one’s true potential. An awareness of your strengths and weaknesses can really help you to understand yourself better. Some other methods include refining the style of your dressing and walking, looking more energetic and maintaining good health. These give you a better outlook. Wearing a smile on your face is a sign of great confidence and helps you to move forward in the face of difficulties.

One may lose ones confidence when surrounded by obstacles or when failures spring up from all sides. In such a situation always keep in mind that perseverance and hard work never fails, also each failure teaches you some lesson that will guide you the next time. Engaging in small but successful endeavors from time to time can help you to regain the lost confidence.  Listening to motivational talks and speeches also has a positive influence. Another simple thing that can be done is to list all the success you have had in your life along with your talents and go through them in between.

Self confidence combined with true realization of yourself can take you to greater heights and earn you more profits. All you have to remember is not to turn back and ponder about your failures, but learn from them. So start each day with confidence and wearing a simple smile.

Self confidence is all about trusting yourself – it is not what you are, but what you think you are.  It is very important that you think highly about yourself.  Having confidence in yourself will make you almost unstoppable.  To achieve this great inner power, you must follow some simple rules.

•Rule #1: Avoid negative declarations about yourself – Every negative thought that you have about yourself has a great impact on your self confidence and self integrity.  If you have negative thoughts, negative feelings about you or your situation will arise. These feelings will slowly eat-out your confidence over time.  Maybe you’re doing it right now without even knowing it.

•Rule #2: Identify your problems.  An important thing everyone should know is that every single person has problems, and it is easy to face them once you know what they are.  Think about your strengths and what you can to make your life better with them.  Also, think about your weaknesses and how you can improve them.  Face your weak points and minimize them with your strengths.  You can start by making a list of your weak points and how they make you feel. See if they have anything in common.  Ask yourself what makes them come out.  And once you know them you can consciously face them.  Also make a list of your strengths and what they make you feel, how they make you a better person, and how they can help you eradicate your weaknesses. 

•Rule #3: Self affirmation.  Just as important as to avoid negative thought of yourself, positive thoughts are very convenient and will improve your self confidence and emotions in general.  Make a list of your goals over time, no matter how big or little they are.  Your mind is a very powerful tool, and looking at them on paper may motivate your desire in accomplishing them, which in turn will transform into will-power.

•Rule #4: Believe in yourself.  Beliefs are the things we think are true and we accept them as true without questioning or examining them. If you believe you can do things, then it is most likely that you can.  So start believing in yourself, it will give you strength and it is the key to building self confidence.  Don’t be afraid to start new things, start every single goal you put into your mind with a positive attitude.

•Rule #5: Persevere.  Life is far from being perfect, and sometimes problems may make us feel trapped.  Be resilient and face our problems with confidence, no matter how big your problem is you can come out of it.  Hang in there without doubting in yourself, if your plan fails – make another one – start it with positive attitude and no regrets.  Believe you can do it even if it’s not as fast as you thought it would be. Don’t think about “what ifs” just stick to your current plan until the end.