Five Home Remedies For Acne That Work Fast

You wake up in the morning feeling ecstatic and refreshed. The most important day of your life is tomorrow and you feel ready to take on the world. You cheerfully make your way to the restroom to freshen up but as you are about to grab your toothbrush you see them, big ugly spots, I am not talking about the mold on your bathroom walls; I am referring to those pesky pimples that weren’t there last night. Keep your cool and don’t fret; I know how you feel. But before you have a panic attack try these simple home remedies for acne that will start diminishing those pimples within 24 hours.

Remedies That Work:

Home Remedy #1:

Baking Soda paste…

I consider baking soda one of the wonders of the world. You can use it for almost everything, from cleaning the kitchen sink to whitening your teeth. I like using it as a face cleanser. Simply place a teaspoon of baking soda on a bowl and add a few drops of water until you form a mixture with the consistency of a paste. Put it aside for now and go to step two.

Home Remedy #2:

Open up those pores…

Pimples are formed when oil and dirt gets trapped inside your pores. To naturally unclog pores try using the power of steam. I don’t mean for you to go out and put your face on a car’s exhaust. To make your personal homemade “clean” steam, fill a pot with water and heat it until it boils. Carefully pour the boiling water into a second pot (or use a bucket if you have one available). Let the steam soak into your face for at least 5 minutes. When you are ready, wash your face with the baking soda mixture from step one. Try not to scrub to roughly especially if you are like me and have sensitive skin. Also be aware that your face might sting a little.

Home Remedy #3:

A dab of Benzoyl peroxide goes a long way…

Once your face is washed and toweled dry, put a dab of Benzoyl Peroxide on the pimples. Benzoyl Peroxide is a topical antibacterial medication used to treat acne. It kills the underlying bacteria that causes blemishes.

Home Remedy #4:

Vitamin E capsule…

I have to say that I absolutely LOVE Vitamin E, especially when treating acne scars. You can use the vitamin E oil that comes in a bottle or just squeeze the oil from the capsules. If you are going to use the capsules, the best way to get the vitamin out without making a mess is by pricking it with a needle. Slowly squeeze the oil and rub it on your blemish. I usually do this at nighttime and I like covering the spot with a bandage to avoid the gooey mess on my pillow.

Home Remedy #5:

Have a glass of water or eight…

It is a known fact that water is an essential part of life. Water helps transport waste material out of our bodies. It keeps us healthy both inside and out. So skip the soda pop and instead grab a glass of water and relax.