Five kinds of food help you eliminate hemorrhoids pain

Natural treatment of hemorrhoids in patients with the hope of all countries. Because some hemorrhoids medication on the skin to stimulate more people are looking for natural ways to treat hemorrhoids.

Chinese medicine believes that the occurrence of hemorrhoids in patients with hemorrhoids closely linked to diet. Meanwhile, in the treatment of hemorrhoids, some food will also play a good role in the natural treatment of hemorrhoids, can effectively relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Experts suggest patients take note of the five piles of food:

1, the spinach to remove the heat of the intestines on the natural treatment of hemorrhoids help

Spinach is rich in dietary fiber, can lubricate intestines, is the indispensable food treatment of constipation. Han Fang hemorrhoids because of that hot and humid intestine, and spinach, heat effect on the intestine have towns. If the black sesame seeds mixed with food, the effect will be better.

2, when the external use of sesame help of natural treatment of hemorrhoids

Sesame addition to nourishment, strength, prevent aging, the effect of gastrointestinal diseases, but also effective for constipation. Sesame can promote blood circulation, prevent congestion caused due to hemorrhoids. The effect of black sesame higher than white sesame seeds. Consumption of food contaminated with black sesame seeds, plus honey, very helpful for constipation. Can also be applied black sesame sauce boiling the affected part, as a foreign agent use.

3, pumpkin seed and effective natural treatment of hemorrhoids

Pumpkin addition to containing vitamin C, carotene, and rich in dietary fiber, constipation is to remove the fine food. If suffering from hemorrhoids, you can use pumpkin seeds inside Jianzhi cleaning anus hemorrhoids. Practice with 300 g of seeds and water to 1 liter of boiling water reduced to half volume. Wash the affected area twice daily with this.

4, the natural treatment of the external hemorrhoids pain medication: garlic

Pain due to hemorrhoids which can be used baked garlic. Approach is not peeled whole garlic, wrapped in aluminum foil and then bake until the change; soft and then peeled, affixed to the affected area with gauze. Variable sleep before the paste in the morning to get up and then removed with good results.

5, persimmon can treat bleeding hemorrhoids

Persimmons are rich in dietary fiber in addition to, but the function of lifting the constipation. Whether any punches either or dried persimmon, or a dry white powder on a Persimmon has efficacy. The dried leaves can be made persimmon persimmon tea, a diuretic, antipyretic, hemostatic function. Drink very effective for bleeding hemorrhoids.

In addition, patients should pay attention to some of hemorrhoids diet taboos, pepper, ginger, pepper, curry and other spicy condiments should be avoided, coffee, chocolate also should avoid excessive. The liquor, cigarettes but also to particularly stringent restrictions. So bad digestion of food, cold food should be avoided. Another cause inflammation of the deterioration of bamboo shoots as food, but also pay attention to Wu Shi. Took note of these, we can effectively control hemorrhoids disease. more in Natural treatment of hemorrhoids

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