Five Makeup Application Tips

In todays fast paced and competitive world, you need to be one up on everyone and most importantly, you need to look good this holds true especially for the fairer sex! It is your appearance that can make or break a deal. But at the same time, one must realize that no one is perfect people look comparatively better than others. It is this quest for perfection that has brought makeup into the mainstream and made it an important part of a womans attire.

Makeup, if done properly can help enhance your natural look which is required rather than looking artificial or plastic-like. Here are top 5 makeup application tips that will ensure that youre always in your best look and win a crowd of admirers!

Top Tip#1

Cleaning your face should find the first priority before applying a makeup. Not only does a clean face look better but also help the makeup to stay for the time you want it to. In case youre face is a bit too oily, wash your face with water and then use a cleansing lotion and cotton pad to wipe your face; pat dry with a soft cotton pad after youre done. Try not to use alcohol based cleansers they might pull out the dirt faster but in the bargain, you tend to lose the natural moisture of your facial skin which is comparatively thinner.

If you want to exfoliate your skin, make sure that you do it only once and not every time, you want to put on a makeup. Too much exfoliating will make your facial pores only bigger and attract more dirt and dust than ever!

Top Tip#2

Applying foundation is one of the major areas where women often are in a fix. Most of them, just apply foundation on the face that leads to a thin but visible and distinct shades on the face and the exposed neck, and shoulders! This looks awful and adds up to one of your many bad makeup days; not to mention the flak that you receive for it. For best results, dab a bit of foundation on a part of your face and gradually work your way and spread that to the whole face, including a little buff spreading to your neck and other exposed areas.

Top Tip#3

Eyes are to be made distinct and nothing works better than a kohl or eyeliner. In the event of using an eye-shadow, buff your face with the foundation brush, after applying the eye-shadow so that the particulate dust from the eye-shadow falls off your face, giving you a glazed but smooth look!

Top Tip#4

A blush works wonders to give your healthy cheeks a flush of happiness; however, try not to make your blush reddish that might give you the looks of a clown! The blush should be applied after the foundation and gradually spread gently over the facial region around the cheeks.

Top Tip#5

A wet and juicy lipstick might not work often! Make sure that your lipstick matches the dress youre wearing. In case youre confused, go for the evergreen buffed tone on your lips! BOLA TANGKAS