Five Principles Of Selecting The Bra

Five Principles of Selecting the Bra

The ideal bra should be just to hold up the breast when the body activity, to limit as much as possible without affecting the activities of the breast breathing. After removing the bra skin should without signs of oppression. So when you go to the store to buy a bra, before the end of your own chest measurement that is along both sides of the breast with a soft tape measure around the chest a week the lower edge of measurement the size of that size should buy a bra.

Principle one, Must fit your body: fitting your body is a basic need, women wear a bra is to shelter, support care to make up the chest or chest enough to avoid discomfort, inconvenience or accidents. So bra should be full and natural, strong and not contrived. If you are buying a bra size too small, will affect the breathing, breast compression, impact thorax, breast, and heart and lung development; the bra is too large, and then fail to support the role of the breast.

Principle two, pay attention to quality: Check the bra lining material is Gentle, sewing pins for smooth, hasp is neat, strong; do not pay attention to avoid injury to the skin of small places. It is best to buy the products that dealt with price-cutting.

Principle three, costume: bra for women, there is icing on the cake function. Coat must have an appropriate bra with in order to produce the best results.

Principle four, to increase self-confidence: The quality of the bra to women’s self-confidence. A good bra makes women feel safe and have confidence. Especially those who do not consciously perfect female breasts need to bring her bra suitable for a good feeling.

Principle five, Show the young: in the purchase of the bra, if you choose the right bra with its own, it will make you distribute youthful vitality from the inside out, it seems his voice, amplified young.

In addition, the purchase bra brands and models do not easily replaced, unless a significant change in the body, or wearing discomfort. The wear of time also pay attention bra. General propositions were not during the day breast mature work, study, work and sports bra to wear when you sleep at night when the best can wear, causing the breast to prevent the deformation of sleep position. Bra should be changed frequently, usually every day in summer to wash, change at least twice a week in winter to maintain the cleanliness of the bra.

With the five principle of selecting bra, I ensure you can choose a suitable bra.