Five Quick Steps To Shifting Those Christmas Pounds

Unless they’re particularly healthy and watch exactly what they eat and drink, most people put on at least a pound or two over Christmas.
Fortunately, these Christmas pounds are particularly easy to lose and these five points show you exactly how to do it.

1. Stop worrying – the very first thing you have to remember is that almost every single person in your family and circle of friends will have gone back to work after the Christmas break and felt their clothes be a little tighter than what they were before Christmas.

If you sit and dwell on the fact that you think it’s only you who has put on weight, you’ll get yourself into a downward spiral, becoming more and more depressed and eating more and more food to comfort yourself.

2. Weigh yourself – just because your clothes feel a little tighter after Christmas, it doesn’t mean that you’ve necessarily put on a stone in weight. Jump on the scales and look at the damage – chances are it’s nowhere near as bad as what you thought it was going to be.

3. Cut out the junk food – over Christmas, with being off work and getting out of your healthy living routine, it’s easy to fall into a rut where you start relying on frozen pizzas and chips for dinner, followed by a box of chocolates for dessert.

If you have put on weight, you’ll find that you can get rid of a lot of it without doing anything in particular except for getting back to your normal way of eating.

Stop eating pizzas, burgers, chips and takeaways and start back on your meals of pasta, rice and vegetables – you might just be surprised at how much weight you lose straight away.

4. Get yourself to a gym – whether it’s a major gym in Manchester or a small gym in a local village, if you can get yourself to a gym where you can work out regularly, it’s generally accepted that you’ll lose weight quicker.
The reason behind this is that when you put yourself into a gym in Manchester for one hour, for example, the only thing you can do in that hour is work out – put aside an hour at home to work out and whilst you might exercise for the first 20 minutes, distractions will soon become apparent and your hour of working out could reduce to 45 or even 30 minutes.

5. Buddy up – talk to your friends about your weight gain and chances are you’ll find they’ve put on weight over Christmas, too.
Rather than trying to lose weight separately, it’s strongly recommended that you do it together.

It’s a whole lot easier to motivate yourself when you’re competing against someone else – even if you didn’t officially say you were competing against each other, you’ll naturally want to ensure that you lose weight regularly so that you don’t look like you aren’t trying – and working out in a gym in Manchester, for instance, is a lot more enjoyable if you’ve got a friendly face to chat to whilst you’re having a short break from exercise. BOLA TANGKAS