Five Reasons Satellite Internet Works Better than Dial-Up in West Virginia

For anyone who has been trying to get things done with dial-up anywhere in the country, it’s simply an exercise in frustration. As the rest of the country enjoys a speedier world wide web that makes everything from streaming video content to downloading entire albums convenient and quick, those struggling with 56.6 modems are left in the dark. And knowing that there are better options out there doesn’t really do much to console anyone who is trying to send an email three or four times in a row before it finally takes.

Sticking with old-school web source is an exercise in frustration, but it doesn’t have to be the way that computer users get their mental work-outs. Now that satellite internet is spreading and most states have it available, those who were dealing with the troubles of dial-up in West Virginia suddenly have an alternative that actually works. Here are five reasons that the dish does things better than dial-up in the great state of WV.

1. Online shopping is suddenly feasible. For those who have been commuting excessive amounts of miles just to do a little shopping, there’s suddenly the chance to take a break from that. Whether it’s easing the pain on one’s wallet or simply providing the chance to get items that aren’t available anywhere in the country, the chance to get on board with a better method for retail therapy means a lot. And those who have been trying to save money will find it’s considerably easier to do once the playing field is leveled and there are more options instantly available.

2. It actually works. Satellite internet is known for delivering, since it’s based on technology that was initially allowing for business transactions and communications to occur in the most remote spots on the planet. If a banker who is in the middle of an Icelandic fjord can be online, so can someone who lives a few miles too far from Morgantown to enjoy DSL. And because it actually works, there’s no stressing out about staying in touch with people or worrying about how long it’s going to take to actually get something done online.

3. Staying in touch suddenly becomes a whole lot easier. Whether it’s using Google Voice to make cell phone calls when reception doesn’t work or getting to see relatives and friends through the wonder of Skype, a speedier satellite internet connection suddenly opens the doors on contemporary communication. And since there’s a whole lot more out there available, it will seem like a whole new world.

4. Entertainment becomes possible at faster speeds. Because YouTube videos and memes are replacing sitcoms and feature-length films, it makes sense to stay on top of the latest trends. Doing that is a whole lot easier when one’s web connection actually works at a speed where figuring out where the ORLY? owl came from is possible.

5. It broadens work opportunities. With a faster connection to the world wide web, those who have been thinking about freelancing or telecommuting suddenly have a far easier way to do it than driving to the nearest Wi-Fi hot spot and working from there.