Five Reasons To Contact An Employment Law Solicitor

Are you an employer that wants to protect the business from legal problems in the future? Here are five situations where you could benefit from the support of a solicitor.

1. One of the newest, yet most important reasons for seeking the advice of an employment law solicitor is TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment)) Regulations. This is where employees can be transferred between businesses following the full or part acquisition of a company or the acquisition of a client from another.

2. Employers are obliged by law to make certain information available to employees and consult with them on a range of issues. Many firms may be unaware of these obligations and place themselves in a vulnerable position by ignoring them, especially in an age where many employees are clued up on their rights.

3. Where a business needs to undertake a reorganisation or restructure – such as redundancies,moving staff to other departments or changing people’s roles – it may be required to carry out formal consultations with staff. One example of this is where a company proposes to make 20 or more redundancies within a 90 day period.

4. In some circumstances, an employee may feel that they have no option but to apply to Employment Tribunal to remedy a breach of their employment rights. This can be time consuming and costly for businesses placed in this situation, particularly as there is no going back until the dispute has been settled. Seeking the guidance and support of an employment law solicitor could prove vital in overcoming the dispute quickly and efficiently.

5. Employment law is subject to numerous changes and many employers may find it difficult to keep up with everything. Having the ongoing, day-to-day assistance of a legal expert could prove extremely useful in avoiding or negotiating legal pitfalls when it comes to employment. As well as minimising the risk of difficult legal scenarios taking place, a monthly retained solicitor can be available whenever an issue does arise.

If you have a situation that may require legal support or you would like the security of having ongoing assistance, maybe it’s time to contact a reputable employment law solicitor.

There are many legal firms which offer expertise in this area, as well as other areas of law, such as residential conveyancing and negligence.