Five reasons to find a qualified driving instructor

Are you thinking about learning to drive? How are you planning to learn? Here are five reasons why a qualified driving instructor is a good idea.

1. Being able to drive will give you a new level of independence, as you can go anywhere you want, whenever you want. No more waiting for buses or trains (unless you prefer it for commuting purposes) and no more ordering taxis to get home (unless you’ve been drinking). Whether you want to improve your social life, be able to visit an elderly relative more often, or cut down regular journeys you have to make, being able to drive can have a major impact on your life.

2. Having professional lessons will ensure you are safer behind the wheel. While the steady stewardship of a parent, guardian or partner teaching you to drive can give you additional experience, it is better to have the majority of your lessons from a qualified instructor. You wouldn’t taking flying lessons from anyone other than a professional, due to the inherent dangers, and driving should be viewed the same.

3. There are countless examples of loved ones falling out with one another because of an inability to accept criticism behind the wheel of the car or because the other party isn’t a very good teacher. Instructors aren’t just people who have a car; they’ve been trained in both the laws of the land and in how to constructively help someone improve at driving.

4. By learning from a professional driving instructor, you will be more likely to pass sooner. They have many students, all of whom have been in your situation and gone on to take their test. Not all will have passed first time, but instructors are able to gain unique insights into what the examiners need and the common mistakes most inexperienced drivers make.

5. You’ll save money on tests. Yes, you could save a bundle by having a loved one take you on the roads, but if you apply for your test before you are ready, it can be a more expensive way of finding out that you weren’t ready. Not only that, but it could take a good while before you can retake it. An instructor will have a much better idea of when you are ready and, while there’s no guarantees, you will then stand a greater chance of passing first time.

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