Five Sessions Not To Miss At The Bst Conference

The BST Conference has five 90-minute session times and over 160 sessions to choose from. So where do you start?

While its good to begin your BST Conference planning by identifying those sessions that cover your focus areas, its also good to leave room for something new or even a little different. Here are a few of our picks for dont-miss sessions:

1. Ten Characteristics That Distinguish Great Safety Organizations

What it covers: Ten things that sort the good from the great.

Why you dont want to miss it: Many people talk about safety excellence but few tell you what it really looks like. Did we mention that this session is presented by BST Chairman Tom Krause?

2. Personal Leadership in the Observation Process for Front-Line Leaders

What it covers: Practical advice for front-line supervisors and managers.

Why you dont want to miss it: Youll get the real scoop on front-line leadership from Users who break down the realities and opportunities at this critical level.

3. The Z0 Organization: Safety as Strategy

What it covers: A new six-stage model for understanding safety performance and development.

Why you dont want to miss it: If youve ever felt dissatisfied with safety by numbers (low numbers=good, high numbers=bad) or youve been noticing that there hasnt been anything new on the safety horizon for awhile, buckle up. This session will change all that.

4. Bias and Its Impact on Safety Communication and Decision Making

What it covers: The role of cognitive bias in safety decisions.

Why you dont want to miss it: If youve ever stuck with a course of action just because youve already invested too much time, or if youve ever kept digging for evidence that supports your position despite evidence to the contrary, well save you a seat.

5. Yippee, I Have Attended BSTs Annual Safety in Action Users Conference. . . Now What?

What it covers: How to create a usable action plan based on your Conference experience.

Why do you dont want to miss it: Aside from one of the catchiest titles ever for a BST Conference, this 90-minute User session will help you organize, plan, and execute new ideas when you get home.

Of course, dont stop with these five. There are plenty of other sessions to choose from. Check the Registration Guide to review all the sessions at the 2011 BST Conference.