Five Star Opened Two Home Appliance Chain Yongle Dianqing Start Melee Combat

Five Star opened a shop in front view, front view of Yongle Appliance stores anniversary. At 8 o’clock on the 24 April the whole, the two began to head on home appliance chain store, opened in Suzhou appliance before the 51 appliances battle off the market.

At 0:00 people began to line up

Zero today have started a public view of Five Star lined up before the shop door. At 2 pm, a middle-aged woman holding a small stool, with children, sitting at the door, while Ke Guazi, while waiting for stores open the door, waiting to get coupons to buy the shop to launch a “special

TV . “7:40 or so, more and more people came to line up in order to prevent order and control, on-site to maintain order ahead of the relevant departments asked the shop to open for business. 8 am sharp, stores open for business, more than 500 lined up has been a long time like the tides of people poured into the store and compete to “steal” the staff to distribute a small prize (worth 20 yuan in cash gifts coupons).

Similarly, tens of meters away from the front shop was never optimistic about the relevant department for advance sales, stores open at the moment, hundreds of people, “enthusiasm” to “kill” into the store, snapped up already saw in the kinds of household appliances, the scene was on fire.

Think tanks hold the line to start “fight war”

Five Star opened a shop in front view, Nanjing headquarters have sent more than a dozen business manager came to Suzhou to “live Command and Control.” Store on each floor are equipped with a managerial figure, the purpose is to keep up sales. The Wing is also optimistic about the think tanks hold the line before the store, Jiangsu Branch, a vice president, operations section chief with eight arrived late last night in Suzhou.

Morning, shortly after the opening of two stores, both sides began to give full play to the role of think tanks: Contact factory, supply allocation, coordination of prices, the two store’s manager office into “temporary command post.”

Rally racing moves the two stores

Mohr-McClune, two stores to the maximum extent, all have resorted to various tricks.

Five Star to create a momentum, hanging in the store at the top of the nine colorful balloons; but never before the shops which refused to yield positive, the whole covered with large and small stores around the advertising banners, one looked around the “anniversary Qing “advertising language. Standing in the new Arts Plaza Park, the deafening sound of gongs and drums, rhythm and music from time to time a strong pass into the ear, then the phone must hide to one side.

Course, the most attractive to the public or a substantial price-cutting promotions. From 8 am to 9 pm, just an hour, the two appliance stores

Label Has changed three times, five-star “to send 200 full 1000” Paradise Now throw “lethal weapon” – “at least 1000 to send 250”, while household appliances shop once again put on all the latest prices.

To 10 am up to press time, the two store’s sales have nearly 100 million yuan, a record high.