Five Steps To Branding Success

Branding is an important part of our world. From the food that you eat to the computer that you sit at to the clothes that you wear; almost every item in our society is branded with a unique logo.

If you are in the unenviable position of having to create a brand for your own business then you should understand that it is not an easy job. Your logo must catch the attention of prospective clients and give a glimpse of what it is that your company does. There is a lot of pressure in creating the perfect design, so stick to the following five steps to make the branding for your product or service a success.

Step One – Take Some Time to Consider Your Organisation

It may seem easy to jump straight onto a piece of software to start developing your logo, but without first taking some time to consider your organisation you will struggle to develop a design that portrays the heart of your business. Consider if you need to include a tagline with your logo, and if an existing colour scheme can be utilised. These simple considerations at the outset will really help.

Step Two – Keep Your Branding Simple

The most successful brands are often the simplest. Large and successful organisations don’t clutter their logos with excessive shapes and colours or needless words. An over complicated design will not be memorable to your clients, nor provide any understanding as to what it is that your organisation actually does. Keep it simple and you will benefit.

Step Three – Make Your Design Memorable

How many times have you looked at a product and been assured of its quality simply because you instantly recognised the company’s Branding from the logo? A memorable design will help existing, and new, clients to instantly associate your goods or services with you and your quality customer service.

Step Four – Allow Your Logo to Be Scaled

A logo that looks great on your business card but awful on your website will not help you. A logo that fits perfectly in an advertising brochure but looks pixelated on a large billboard will make branding your product or service difficult. The design of your logo must be able to be used anywhere that is appropriate. For this reason you should create your finished design using vector graphics that can instantly be scaled up or down to any size, without suffering from any pixelation.

Step Five – Let Your Creativity Shine

Creating a brand that looks exactly the same as that of another company simply because you thought it looked nice will not help your organisation to be memorable. Your brand should be completely unique. There is no harm in looking at existing logo designs for ideas for inspiration, but when it comes to creating a logo that represents the branding of your company you must think creatively.