Five Steps to Get Focused and Increase Productivity

One of the biggest struggles for an entrepreneur is how to get focused. I think it’s in an entrepreneur’s DNA to have to contend with the focus monster. It is, however, imperative that you create a system for being able to focus on the most important tasks (high value) in order to reap the benefits. Here are five strategies you can use immediately.

F- Find the time. This means carving out a block of time that is dedicated solely to the highest value tasks. Grabbing 15 minutes here or there, jumping from one thing to the other, and trying to multitask are not conducive to using your time most productively. Allot specific times for specific tasks.

O- Optimize your surroundings. Clear physical clutter away, it’s distracting. Don’t set papers aside, deal with them then and there. Some people work well with music playing in the background, some do not. Some people like to have a snack handy, candles burning, etc. Recognize your work style and plan accordingly.

C- Chunk it. If a task seems overwhelming (and let’s face it, owning a business IS overwhelming.) Break a large task down into sequential steps that can be crossed or checked off (SUCH a psychological boost!). This is also a great way to see where you are running into problems.

U- Uninterrupted time. This means just that! Shut the door, turn off the email, Twitter, whatever else is a distraction for you. I don’t recommend more than 1 hour at a time, however, you must decide what works best for you. Still stand and stretch if you need to, but this time is devoted to a specific task(s) and should be treated as sacred.

S- Systematize. This tends to sound overwhelming and it is often the most misunderstood method of increasing focus and productivity. Creating systems could be as easy as batching your writing in one day, scheduling business calls at certain times, getting templates or hiring someone to do your low value tasks.

Using these five techniques will help you become better at focusing and optimizing your productivity and increasing your bottom line.