Five Steps To Reducing The Amount Of Money You Spend On Car Maintenance

If you’re finding that you’re spending a lot of money on car maintenance, check out these five steps to help you reduce the amount of money you spend.

1. Buy a new car – if you buy a new car fresh off the production line, you’ll find that you have next to no maintenance costs.

Aside from the fact that almost any problem that the car has will be fixed under the manufacturer’s warranty, as the car is so new, there isn’t going to be any problems that would need repairing that you would find in some older cars, such as small dents and scratches or worn interior.

2. Have it professionally serviced once a year – it might cost several hundreds of pounds depending on what car you have and whether you decide to go to a main dealer or not, but it’s strongly recommended that you have your car professionally serviced once a year.

This may seem like nothing more than a routine ‘check up’, especially if your car doesn’t cover a lot of miles and for some, this is all it will be. However, others will see a distinct rise in performance after a service, whether that’s in the way that the car accelerates or in the coolness of the air conditioning.

3. Service it yourself annually – mid-way through the year between your car’s last service and its next service, it’s advised that you give the car a service yourself.

You don’t need to change every part of the car that a garage would change during a service if it’s not needed, but it’s good practice to change the oil and filter and at least check every other part – the air filter, for example, might not need changing normally, but if you’ve been driving a lot more miles than normal, you may see an increased level of performance if you do.

4. Wash it regularly – it might sound a little odd, but if you spend the time once a week giving your car a good wash, you can ensure that the paintwork does not become affected by anything that’s been spilled or dropped on it, which can occasionally require for you to invest in some high quality – and expensive – paint repair products.

5. Buy official parts – imagine you drove away from Mercedes-Benz dealers six months ago with a brand new E-Class and something – that you can fix – goes wrong with it.

There are two options available to you, with the first being for you to source a replacement piece yourself, whether it’s through a specific dealer or an online auction website. This is usually the cheapest option and the parts will often be mass produced and made to fit a variety of different car models.

The second option is to go to official Mercedes-Benz dealers and order the part direct from the manufacturer.

Whilst the first option might seem like the cheapest initially, not only is the second likely to be a lot cheaper than you assume (if the products are coming direct from the manufacturer, they’re likely to be sold at a little over cost price), but as it’s the official part, chances are it will last longer, unlike the third party one, which might need replacing after the car has been used regularly.

Furthermore, use third party parts and you might be validating your manufacturer’s warranty. BOLA TANGKAS