Five Strategies to Get Your Ex Back

So, you’ve tried everything you could think of to get your ex back but find yourself floundering. Nothing seems to work and you’re feeling disillusioned, wondering if it’s a lost cause.

For starters, it’s important to know that no fixed formula works when it comes to getting your ex back. Each strategy has its own positives and negatives. And it’s difficult to say which one will work for you. But take heart. All hope is not lost. Millions have managed to win their exes back using these proven strategies. Here are five strategies to get your ex back that have a good success ratio:

1. Be as dignified as possible while dealing with the separation. Remember, even though it may seem like a disaster that came as a bolt from the blue, it’s not. There must’ve been some signs to warn you as to what lies ahead. Maybe you chose to ignore them.

2. If you’re really keen on getting your ex back, avoid squabbling, complaining or swearing! Also, there’s no point in trying to convince him/her to come back using logic or analysis. That won’t get through to your ex, only love will and can.

3. Even if it’s tempting, don’t bad mouth your ex’s new partner. Sure, there’s no need to be extra nice to him/her, but don’t try to show them down either. That would only serve to alienate your ex and we don’t want that. Just don’t pay too much attention or show any interest in them. Why would you want to give your rival so much importance? Act as if he/she is see through!

4. While in your ex’s presence, try not to show any kind of jealousy, regret or anger during a conversation or through your behavior. Act calm, as if you’re absolutely fine with the break up.

5. Right after the break up, don’t get in touch with your ex. It would be best to avoid all contact, if possible. This way, you’ll keep your ex wondering what you’re up to, what’s new in your life, have you moved on? In fact, ignore your ex’s attempts to reestablish contact with you! Even if you do bump into him/her accidentally, put on an act that all is well with the world and don’t show any anger come what may.

These five strategies have worked wonders for most people, so have faith and try out the ones you relate with. Though do keep in mind that a break up happens after a lot of deliberation and thought. One can’t really say if you’ll manage to get your ex back or not, but well planned action is always better than a knee jerk reaction.

Sometimes a break up can turn out to be a blessing in disguise. You might not feel that way right now, but with time, you might realize you’re better off without him/her. If you are absolutely certain that you want to get your ex back, then make an effort and be extremely patient. Just go easy on yourself, you’re going through a tough time.