Five Symptoms Indicate a Difficult Pregnancy

Almost all the women want to have their own children. It is important for them to maintain the physical health so as to increase the rate of getting pregnant. Generally speaking, there are five kinds of symptoms which can indicate that a woman is hard to become pregnant. The first symptom is that the hair in the private part is growing excessively. Generally speaking, the growth of the hair in a woman’s private part is like a triangle. If women find that the triangle is intending to become a square, the risk of getting polycystic ovary syndrome should be prevented. The polycystic ovary syndrome is mainly caused by the imbalance of hormones inside the body. The syndrome will stimulate the growth of hair in the private part and disturb the normal ovulation, which can affect the pregnancy of a woman. It is necessary for women to stop the crazy growth of the hair by taking the medicines which can reduce the insulin. The second symptom is that the finger nails can become white for ten minutes after people press them. This symptom is caused by the inadequate supplementation of iron or anemia. Women with severe anemia should often eat the foods containing abundant iron to prevent the decreasing sexual desire. The third symptom is that the fingers always swell without any specific reasons. In fact, various reasons can cause the symptom, such as the high intake of salt and irregular intake of acyeterion. The decreasing functions of thyroid gland can also cause this unhealthy symptom. In addition, the decreasing functions of thyroid gland can affect the normal level of hormones and cause the disorders of metabolism. After women become pregnant, the brain development of fetuses can be seriously affected. The fourth symptom is that it is easy for the mouth to become dry. Two reasons can cause the mouth to be dry. One reason is the lack of water, and the other reason is the lack of vitamin A. The lack of vitamin A can cause the birth defects for the fetuses. Therefore, in order to get pregnant healthily, women should supplement various nutrients needed by their bodies. The fifth symptom is that the corners of the mouth have white exuvium. The white exuvium is probably caused by the skin problems. If women do not go to hospital in time, the oral cavity can be infected. Except the five symptoms mentioned above, some other symptoms like tumidness can also indicate some other health problems. Women should closely observe the physical condition anytime so as to prevent and treat various diseases in time. BOLA TANGKAS