Five Things That You Must Consider Before Going For a Cheap Desktop Computer

Everyone wants to get the best but not many are ready to pay for it. Some cannot pay for it but still are in need for the best. For them, we have the five things that have to be there when you are out to buy a cheap computer. The best at the lowest price is the ideal that you have to follow now. The five check points are:


It is recommended that you get a Core 2 Duo or an AMD Athlon 64X2. The Core 2 Duo is available at dollar one fifty to dollar five hundred and fifty depending on the amount of bargaining you do. The AMD can be got for a maximum of two hundred and fifty dollars. However, go for the Intel processor because they give high quality performance and are the hot favourite nowadays. AMD can come a lot more cheaply but Intel will be a much better choice. Regarding the speed you can check the E6600 which is the 2.4 giga hertz model and is pretty cheap. Donot try anything over that as prices will automatically soar.

Memory and speed

A minimum of one giga byte of memory is a must and you will have to ask for a same sized RAM. The larger the memory the better, so always try to get a bigger memory/RAM. For Operating Systems like Windows XP you will need 512MB while for Vista it must be a 1GB RAM. See, these are the minimum memory capacities and if you can get a larger size then go for it. It is worth your money and donot check your purse on this.

Hard drive

Get a hard drive that is 100GB minimum so that if you want, you can get ten 8GB movies in it. See, movies are not the point. The point is getting a fast hard drive rather than getting a drive which has loads of space. You can always use DVD’s to create backup when you are out of space on your hard drive.


The mother board should be stuffed with as many features as possible but there is a basic requirement. Get one which has 4 USB slots at the back and two at any side of the computer. There must be a network port and if you can get two of them then it’s simply great. You may or may not get SATA but if you can then you might as well. You also must have headphones and microphones with a 5.1 channel support. PCI-X should be there for upgrading your graphic cards etc also check and get the Firewire slots, maybe two but one will also do.

DVD writer

This is a must have in your computer. If it is a coupled CD and DVD writer then it is all the more better. Also be sure that the writer will do DVD-R and DVD+R. it should have a minimum speed of 16x and if you get to grab one of greater speed then don’t hesitate. It is a must have in any computer because it will act as back up as well as storage of your data. Remember, to get a good computer you donot have to get the latest. Get something that will work all the same and be an asset without costing you too much money.